El Mercado, a Virtual Market supporting rural entrepreneurship

El Mercado, a Virtual Market supporting rural entrepreneurship


The situation due to “The Unspeakable” began four months ago. It implied a constant and resounding readjustment throughout the world. A forced collective update brought us face to face with the reality: that we are no longer as free as we used to be.
Free is Technology that plays an essential role in our day-to-day. It is the only one that can travel without restrictions, bringing in its infinite luggage the information we need and sharing ours with a world beyond borders.

It motivated us to create a bridge between our suppliers who used to supply The Uvita Market with color and our clients who much enjoyed the healthy interaction. We took on creating a website to sell online for El Mercado, which meets our customers’ and suppliers’ needs as did our activity on Wednesdays.

El Mercado and Pointing Market joined to build a Virtual Market with home delivery, a Collection Center, and Meeting Points established in the area. Little by little and being very punctual, we were building operation management that involves local establishments that support the mission with their sponsorship in both financial and solidarity aid.

Virtual Market supporting rural entrepreneurship

There are approximately 300 products, including Artisan Jewelry, Clothing, Delicatessen, Bakery, Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy, Wine, Organic,  personal Care, etc. We trust to supply everything you need for your basic basket.

We have a Collection Center in Bahía Ballena where orders will be packed, complying with sanitary measures and having the respective permits. Once the order is prepared, it is dispatched to the mobile unit to start its delivery routes for home service, it is also possible to ship to all of Costa Rica and abroad. Small local enterprises support us, and the operations are helping them, too.

Pointing Market is a great team where talents are respected. That is reflected in their results with a Virtual Catalog that will dynamically and entertainingly display recurring information of each entrepreneur who is part of this Virtual Market, thus creating platforms promoting local and tourist activities.

We can be agents of change when we accept resilience, that reset we needed so much. When the balance can finally be equitable for all humanity and nature and technology can exist parallel without imposing each other. The two go hand in hand with the evolution that we are experiencing.
It would be a great pleasure to see you again, though, for your safety, stay home! Go outside to get in touch with nature, hug a tree, and let the bonds re-establish.

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