Vida Auténtica

By Corey Walker

Vida Auténtica would like to give a loud CONGRATULATIONS! to the graduates of the 2015 Pueblo Roots Initiative. We are very proud to announce that 56 residents in the communities of Platanillo and Playa Matapalo successfully completed our organic agricultural course, and earned their organic grower certification.

huertaWe would like to thank all of those women and men for signing up for the Pueblo Roots Initiative and showing through their efforts in the classroom, in the field, and at home that they are willing to take on the challenges of creating a healthier self-sustaining lifestyle for themselves and their families. It is with great pleasure that we recognize them all as part of the growing global organic farming community.

These are the farmers of the future, and they are growing for a better tomorrow. They are from the ‘pueblo,’ and they are people who bring the food to your local market. Please come to the Tinamaste Tuesday Feria and see what they have grown. Please encourage and acknowledge their hard work in creating a healthy eating environment for us all.

Vida Auténtica would also like to acknowledge all the generous and kind people who have supported us in our effort to bring this information to the people of Costa Rica. Thank you all so very much.

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