Uvita Community Library

AUTHOR: Sue Hains

Now is the perfect time to head to the Uvita Community Library and get a great book to read! The library is organized by category – half of the space is devoted to fiction, the other half to non-fiction, further subdivided by subject matter. There are more than 15,000 to choose from in both fiction and non-fiction.   

There are hardcovers and paperbacks on almost any subject, from Art to Zen! 

There is an international section with books in many foreign languages, a section for teens, and another for children. There are volumes on animals, biographies, science, spirituality, politics, plants, history, and how to do almost anything - and if you ask Marie for recommendations, she can guide you! After more than five years of working at the Community Library, Marie knows every book on the shelves.

Uvita Community Library

Marie Wright has been the caretaker and organizer of the books since she moved to Uvita in May 2017. She had seen a flyer about DAWG (Domestic Animal Welfare Group), and it's need for volunteers and learned that the organization had a library that needed a lot of help. She set to work organizing, categorizing, and cleaning the space, at that time located on the third floor of the Centro Veterinario Costa Ballena building.  

In 2018, the lease for the library space expired, and the Board decided they could no longer maintain it. They asked Marie if she would be interested in finding a new space for the books and taking over the management of the library. With a family background of readers, she said an emphatic YES! Marie soon found a space to rent. With the considerable help of many volunteers with trucks and muscles, she moved the books and shelves to their new location on the second floor of a building just south of the Tracopa Bus Station, over a mechanical workshop. The new Uvita Community Library began renting books early in 2019. The rental contribution is 2,000 colones per book. 

A dogs Purpose

To raise funds for rent and utilities, the library organized a book sale and a raffle for which a Friend of the Library made twenty-eight pairs of earrings! The raffle revenue enabled the purchase of two large signs for the library – one above the library's windows and the other on the highway near the walkway to the library. 

Please consider joining FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY and supporting this valuable community resource.

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