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By Biologist Susana García
Does the social and economic development of a country supposed to be always negative for the environment?

Costa Rica is a country in full development, and by development, I mean something as simple as building a road, which certainly brings a myriad of benefits to all of us. Unfortunately, the main impact of the construction work at the environmental level is so pronounced that we are unable to determine it on the long run. Is Costa Rica willing to lose its natural wealth to become a country of great economic growth?

Therefore, it is important to have collaboration between environmental conservation organizations, and building and development institutions. ASANA, Hacienda Barú, IBT- CR, CONAVI, SETENA, MOPT, ICT, SINAC, ICE and IBT are joining our efforts in analyzing and implementing proper measures to mitigate the impact, preventing the loss of our biodiversity.


Because of this joint effort, ICE already insulated the electricity poles from Dominical to Playa Guapil, in order to prevent electrocution of wildlife. Additionally, three signs indicating that you are driving through a biological corridor have been installed.

We analyzed the great efficiency of the underground tunnels built in the corridor by Hacienda Barú. Furthermore, ICE, ICT, and MOPT became members of the expanded forum called “Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor Local Council.”


Together we are attempting to reach the needed balance between development and nature.

INFO: PRASCOSUR – Marta Romero Roberto – Instituto de Biodiversidad Tropical CR. prascosur@gmail.com

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