United by art – Richard Lee meets William Morales in Dominical


By Dagmar Reinhard

Richard Lee Wendel is a successful professional trumpet player from New York. Many of us had the privilege of attending his powerful performances at Envision 2013 and 2014. Richard has toured the world playing with the most prestigious groups and at the most prominent music clubs. Through the years, he created his very own musical style called “Vibe” after playing the full range of musical expression including classical, funk, rap, heavy metal, rhythm and blues, trance, and gospel. Richard’s style is characterized for its individual sound giving the jazz trumpet a new voice. The trumpet is an instrument that doesn’t adapt easily to different styles.

Richard is now working with Restaurant Maracatú; his idea is to bring the best music from all over the world and make Dominical a destination not only for surfing, but also for the best music and heathy cuisine.

William Morales, a local painter and owner of Casa del Artista was given the task to create a piece of art about Envision 2014 based on pictures taken throughout the event by our editor. William painted the cover page of Ballena Tales Magazine #35, featuring Richard Lee as the center of the painting.

Both artists recently met in Barú, they had a conversation in ‘Spanglish,’ then Richard put on his hat, and with the magnificent voice of his trumpet, sent a heartfelt salutation to William, his family, his neighbors, and the jungle.

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