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Trending in New Home-Design 2021

Author: Shelagh Duncan – Royal Palm Interiors  

We are indeed living in interesting times. Home isn’t just home anymore, it has become an office, a school, gym, play area, restaurant, dormitory, and a place to retreat and relax. 

Here is a quick look at some key needs and wants from new home buyers.

1) Multifunctional Spaces and Furniture

Great Room – a unique space for entertaining, cooking, dining, and living, and also areas that can function as a separate studio, office or workout area when more privacy or less distraction is desired. Movable walls and innovative design make this happen.

Using modular and multifunctional furniture like sofa sleepers and storage ottomans naturally, and new innovative ideas like combo wall-bed/dining table or sofa are in demand for smaller homes.

2) Concept Living

These are the homes that are designed around the passion and lifestyle of the occupants. People are asking for homes that echo their personality, their passion. They are specifically designed to function well and perfectly fit your lifestyle. If you love to cook and entertain – build and enjoy that home. If your passion is yoga or painting – build for that.

3) Sustainability

Using renewable resources, recycled materials, and minimizing the footprint of new home builds.

4) Bringing the Outdoors In:

Blurring the lines between inside and out, with large windows expanding the space visually.

PLAZA BAHIA MOANA, Uvita close to Marino Ballena Park

The main requirements emerging from an NKBA* study were:

CONNECTED LIVING: Connected devices naturally, and primarily the connection among people. Homeowners want kitchens to promote human interaction—and the connected devices, appliances, and systems will be in place to serve that end.

Open-plan kitchens will be inviting, and bathrooms become areas of relaxation and escape. Both connect with nature by using big windows, expansive views, and natural materials.

SIMPLIFIED LIVING:  Minimalism is trending, so storage is a critical component of kitchen and bath design, and low maintenance design & materials are also part of keeping things simple.



LIVING IN PLACE:  Homes with accessibility for all ages and abilities, so curbless showers, wider doorways, pull-out kitchen shelving, ergonomic drawer and door handles, and front-loading laundry appliances.

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

  •           Larger kitchen islands – multifunctional for meal prep, dining, work-from-home
  •           Open floor plan with fewer walls
  •           More charging outlets
  •           Larger sinks and refrigerators to wash and store fresh produce
  •           Commercial finishes and fabrics for easy cleaning and durability
  •           Recycling & composting stations
  •           Large-format tile, thinner grout lines for easier cleaning
  •           Compartmentalized storage with integrated outlets (hairdryer, razor, toothbrush, phone)
  •           Self-cleaning toilets
  •           Larger, zero-clearance showers with integrated seating and decorative grab bars
  •           Wi-Fi connectivity
  •           Touchless activation for shower, lighting, entertainment
  •           Increased natural light & natural materials

They carefully researched different groups and interests, and based on what we are living, I think we can see how relevant these trends are.

The world is changing, and so are our homes and the way we live in them.

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