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Travel insurance takes care of you!

Travel insurance takes car of you, Transportation, Repair & Car Rental, South Pacific, Costa Rica

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By Anabelle Fernández

A travel policy only covers medical expenses for acute illnesses and or emergency treatments that occur after the insured has started their trip outside of their country of residence. This type of insurance will only cover expenditures when the person is abroad.

It depends on each company, but generally, this policy will cover outpatient services such as doctors, specialists, prescribed medications and emergency dental care as well as ambulance transportation. It also covers all incidentals incurred within a hospital, repatriation, evacuation and stolen luggage. Some policies cover accidental death and offer coverage for a missed flight connection or the cancellation of a trip.

It is important to know that this type of insurance does not cover expenses for treatment, follow up appointments and prescriptions in relation to the stabilization or regulation of a pre-existing, chronic or recurrent disease or any treatment that began before leaving the country.

The coverage benefit can range from $50,000 to 1 or 2 million dollars or even unlimited coverage. Some companies offer the policy with no deductible, but others can offer deductibles of $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or more.

Buying medical insurance is very simple.  It is not necessary to fill out an application, but they will require your date of birth, home address, telephone, email, ID or passport number and the countries you are traveling to.   The premium will be settled according to the age of the insured and the number of days that will be outside of the country. The company gives the traveler a policy contract and an identification card.  In this ID card, you will find the telephone numbers to call in case there is a need to use the insurance benefits. These documents can be sent by e-mail.

VERY IMPORTANT: The most important thing you should know is that the medical travel insurance is activated by means of a telephone call to the number that appears on the card. If there is an emergency that requires a doctor or admittance to a hospital and you do not call the number on your card, the insurance company may not pay for the expenses incurred. It is understood that if the person is unconscious and cannot call beforehand, they must inform the hospital of the existence of this policy as soon as possible.   It is advisable that another person is aware that you have this travel coverage.

My recommendation is to never leave Costa Rica without travel insurance. If something happens to you in a foreign country, you will not have the same opportunities you have here and the costs can be extremely high. What could have been a nice trip, could become the worst tragedy of your life with an expense you will not be able to pay.

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