South Pacific Costa Rica Travel Guide #72- birding

Travel Guide and Magazine #72, South Pacific Costa Rica

Dear Reader of Ballena Tales Magazine:
Reading this your favorite magazine, which offers you the most exciting and varied content you have ever come across in a South Pacific business-sponsored media, we know you will find yourself very relaxed and lively. You will feel transported to paradise that those of us who live here appreciate and protect.

In times of adversity, we want to demonstrate that the world does not stop. Crises like the one we are experiencing, force us to get off our pedestal and create sober and friendly alternatives for the planet. Difficulties discipline the mind to focus, thus freeing fertile ground for creativity. Interestingly, historically many of the most iconic companies have forged, molded, and survived tough times.

And please don’t go back to “normal” since normal was the problem. We have to learn to take care of our oceans and nature and to collaborate with each other. We are far more spectacular than normal!

Golden hour at Sout Pacific Costa Rica

In the South Pacific of Costa Rica, we live in paradise. We enjoy a benevolent climate, an exuberant nature, and we live in a community of beautiful people. We are self-sufficient: we produce milk, rice, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

In a matter of weeks, our markets have created digital marketing channels for their products. Such channels in the future will help them optimize sales.

Remember that our brains complement the image we hold in mind and transform it into our reality. Visualize, re-invent and regain the vision of a beautiful, harmonious, and full-color future! If countless people did this, what do you think they can achieve?

In the meantime, try to eat healthy, don’t forget to see the beauty around you and feel the love!
We would like you to know that Ballena Tales has been working for you for the last 12 years.
Our website in three languages is one of the best designed in Costa Rica and receives a high
visitation thanks to the variety of its content.

Share the magazine and its stories with your family, friends, and business partners!
Thus we support our destination, help to reactivate our economy, and therefore, ourselves.
A cordial Greeting

Dagmar Reinhard, Editor Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide
Dagmar Reinhard, Editor
Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide

Ballena Tales is a travel guide and magazine covering Costa Ballena in the Canton of Osa in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. It is a fully bilingual, bi-monthly and full color magazine. The distribution is 18,000 copies a year along the coast to Sierpe and even the Osa Peninsula, including the Palmar Sur and Quepos airports.

The magazine introduces the reader to the life of the local community, with interviews of pioneers, writers, and artists, as well as extensive information on restaurants, hotels, experiences, natural attractions, and wildlife of the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

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Comprehensive Magazine and Travel Guide #78, South Pacific Costa Rica 1

Comprehensive Magazine and Travel Guide #78, South Pacific Costa Rica

We had to reinvent ourselves during the last year, focusing entirely on a virtual, 100% interactive presence of our bilingual Ballena Tales Comprehensive Magazine. We are achieving great opening numbers (more than 14,000 in the English versión alone), have breached the borders of Costa Rica, and are read by North Americans and Europeans, and surprisingly, many of my German patriots.

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Guide to Healthy Living in Costa Rica 3

Guide to Healthy Living in Costa Rica

I do care a lot about my health and my family’s health. It is important to me that we all feel our best to manifest our best attitude and ability. Living in Costa Rica, I am surrounded by people who naturally want to feel better, too. We each have our ideas on how we can feel like the best version of ourselves, but they mostly revolve around the following precepts of everyday life in Costa Rica: Growing food, Daily exercise,
Skipping the stress, Raising children in Costa Rica in a simpler way

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KURA^DENKA, the Footprint of the Jaguar 5

KURA^DENKA, the Footprint of the Jaguar

Melvin González Rojas (Kamel), alias KURA^DENKA, is a member of the Boruca community and the Commission for the Heritage of these indigenous peoples. He is a notable artist who stands out for his masterful carvings and his expressive and colorful paintings. He is a Boruca Major’s son who was a prominent educator, painter, and mask sculptor. Kamel has participated in different exhibitions, including the Art and Theater Festivals, the Festival de las Spheres, the National Theater, the Costa Rican Art Museum, and the Expotural in Madrid, Spain.

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La Palapa Restaurant


LA PALAPA RESTAURANT Guillermo Saenz, alias Memo, is Chef at “La Palapa Restaurant”, Hotel Cuna del Ángel. Chef Memo has a long history as a gastronome, trained in Spain and Italy. He worked for several […]

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Everyone Has A Story 7

Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story – In 2012, one of my yoga students invited me to join her for an upcoming retreat she had planned. She was in a difficult position because her “Exercise Person” couldn’t join her, and she wanted me to go to complete her team. I asked her when and where this retreat would be happening. She replied, “Next week, in Costa Rica.”

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Much like our summer and winter seasons change, the seasons of big surf also changes. The summer months of hot sunny days are gone for now, and a more wet, stormy, and cooler season brings more gifts. Many refer to this wet season as “the green season.” As a surfer, I refer to it as “ the surf season.”

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Blue Morpho Property Management

Blue Morpho Property Management

There is a new Property Management company in town, located at the only recently inaugurated state-of-the-art Plaza Solo Bueno in Dominical. Blue Morpho covers property management services, concierge services, vacation, and long-term rental opportunities.

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Rafael Steyners was born in the land of the famous “Guajira Guantanamera”, in the picturesque valley of the city of Guantánamo, located in the Province of Guantánamo south of the Caimán Dormido, the beautiful island of Cuba.
At the age of three, Rafael danced and sang to the sound of a portable radio. His mother smiled when she saw him but she never gave it much importance, since another plan was in the works since then. She would rather see him become a doctor than an artist from stage to stage.

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Body Revitalization Center


Do you feel stress about the circumstances in your life or the world that surrounds you?
Do you have nagging physical symptoms?
Are you looking to reconnect and relax?
The Body Revitalization Center is here to help!

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The rain on a leaf


Most tourists are scared off by the prospect of the rain, even though we have almost guaranteed bright blue skies and sunshine, until at least noon, all year long.
This is the time of year that we are more likely to travel, with less traffic and better deals in hotels, tours, and shopping specials all over the country.

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SimbiOsa GastroPub


In a town that is quickly becoming a foodie destination, one new restaurant stands out. Tucked quietly behind bustling Uvita center is a hidden gastropub gem called SimbiOsa. Menus and specials are updated frequently by fearless chefs and perfected by the discerning taste of the Canadian owner, Niki Norlock. GastroPub SimbiOsa delivers surprising and unique dishes crafted from high-quality local ingredients with a focus on fusion and artistic expression.

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