Tommy, the rescued Raccoon

Tommy, el racoon mapache

This is Tommy, a rescued racoon. He and his littermates came to me in 2014 as small babies. It became apparent that one of the babies (Tommy) had a bad problem in his rear legs, they seemed paralyzed. The decision was made to give him some time to see if the problem would correct itself as sometimes happens, if not the decision to put Tommy down would be made. After about ten days we started to see some movement in the limbs and he continued to gain strength as he grew. In the end Tommy gained about 30% use of his rear legs. After about two years the place where Tommy grew up decided that he must be moved. Fortunately for Tommy an animal tech working there was able to find a home for him in another sanctuary and his life was saved. So, Tommy was moved to a new place. However, he was put into a small enclosure where he wasn’t able to move around and his legs began to atrophy. When I was notified of Tommy’s situation I started to make the arrangements to get my old friend here to the irescue Sanctuary. He had spent the previous months in a 2x2 meter cage with a concrete floor. Not only had his muscles deteriorated, so had his spirit. When Tommy was put into our green and natural Raccoon garden, it was a moment that brought tears to the eyes of the irescue staff. Tommy’s demeanor changed instantly! He began to roll in the grass and by day two had won the hearts of the other four raccoons that also live in the garden.

Tommy has been with us for three months and his life has changed hugely. He plays with the other raccoons, swims in the pond AND NOW, HE WALKS!! Irescue is located in Perez Zeledon, above the town of Pejibaye.

By Mike Graeber


INFO: irescue Pérez Zeledón above the town of Pejibaye - - Mike Graeber 88796194



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