Tire Maintenance Tips

Tire pressure: The most important aspect of tire maintenance is the proper tire pressure, always provided by the manufacturer. It is usually indicated on the door post of the driver’s seat, or in the owner’s manual. 75% of drivers wash their car every month, while only one in seven (14%) takes the time to check the tire pressure. Maintaining the required tire pressure is essential for maximum tire performance.

The wrong tire pressure can cause serious internal damage to the tire, and sometimes affects other vehicle systems such as brakes and suspension, leading to tire failure and even accidents. The incorrect tire pressure can cause premature or irregular wear. The proper tire pressure can save up to 5% on fuel, while a low tire pressure increases the energy consumption between 18 and 26%, and therefore, fuel consumption.

Under normal circumstances, the tire loses pressure of approximately 1 psi monthly. Reason why is recommended to check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare one, at least once a month, preferably when cold.

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