Tibetan Sound Bowls

Pilar Salazar Tibetan Sound Bowls  (4)

by Pilar Salazar

During my classes and meditation sessions, I’ve been playing the Tibetan meditation bowls and some students have asked me,“Why are you playing this?” So I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to share how the sound affects our bodies, minds, and souls.

If we pay enough attention, we realize there is no such thing as the absolute silence. Sounds are constantly being emanated from different sources. Science tells us that life is energy manifested in a variety of shapes, with distinctive frequencies or vibrations. So each sound – being an “energy shape” – has its own vibration.

Pilar Salazar Tibetan Sound Bowls  (1)Water is one of the elements most affected by these vibrations, and our bodies, being about 60-70% water, are great transmitters of this “life symphony.” To prove this, notice how when we are surrounded by nature, and we are tuned into its melody, we experience a relaxing and healing sensation. On the other hand, if we listen to loud and heavy noise, we might become irritated and annoyed.

The Tibetan bowls have a harmonic resonance that effectively transmits peaceful vibrations into our body affecting our nervous system, balancing our right and left-brain and creating a waking dream state that is home to creativity, intuition, and awareness. The sound increases the activity of the para sympathetic system, reduces our stress level, and regulates our heart rate, creating – all together – a healing experience.

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