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Remove the stress from healthy home cooking with Tres Brujas (Three Witches) Gourmet Frozen Dinners. Prepared with love in our kitchen, to be eaten in the comfort of your own home.

We share the passion for delicious, nutritious food, as well as the belief that many of the current issues we face can be solved through healthy, local food sovereignty, eating seasonally, and what grows where you live. This conversation around food, the planet, and the lack of convenient, healthy options led to the conception of our new cooking venture — '' Three witches'': Frozen Gourmet Dinners.

We source the best ingredients we have access to here in Costa Rica: Happy, clean, toxin-free meat and produce, from content farmers, wherever we can. These ingredients create delicious meals to be eaten in the comfort of your own home. Our mission is to support our local growers working in harmony with the land while providing a nourishing service to our community.

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Grow Local. Grow Slow. Grow Love:

res Brujas, three witches real food for real peopleSix simple words capable of shifting the course of modern society towards a harmonious vibration with our planet. Through the development of civilization and our fast-paced-never-doing- enough-fear-driven lifestyle, our priorities have drifted to the other end of the spectrum. We no longer view food as precious, nurturing, and life-sustaining, and, therefore, very skewed energy enters our bodies upon consumption.

Three years ago, while fully immersed in New York City, my heart and mind cracked wide-open as I came to this realization. I needed a massive change, a shift in priorities, and had much to learn. Led to Costa Rica, I stepped into the complete unknown with no expectations, to create a life encompassing these shifts. I was blessed to land in the tiny, mountain town of Tinamastes, where the movement towards local, chemical-free food sovereignty was in motion. I met Vida Auténtica and began managing Feria Tinamastes, enabling me to develop relationships with the community’s growers and a new partnership with Shannon Moran, from Café Quinto Sabor.

Why witches?

The dark history of witches is complex and born out of fear-based hysteria. However, the real roots of witches are grounded in wise-women, deeply in touch with the natural world and its healing remedies. We are honored to return to these roots as we deepen our connection to Mother Nature and all the gifts she has to offer us.

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