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Three Sixty: Luxury with a local touch


The circumference of a perfect circle, an all-encompassing view, the ability to experience a single moment in its entirety. 

Occupying a lone ridge on the highest hilltops of Ojochal on Costa Rica's South Pacific Coast, Three Sixty Boutique Hotel epitomizes its namesake, both literally and metaphorically. Guests at this small, 12-villa luxury escape, can't help but feel they've stumbled upon something extraordinary. A rare retreat where sky and sea come together above an ocean of virgin rainforest.

The proprietors behind the barely two-year-old hotel want to share their stunning creation by opening the exquisite restaurant Kua Kua and Bar 360 to the public. 

Partaking in the Kua Kua experience is a reservation-required affair, however. Not because the vibe is exclusive; on the contrary, Three Sixty's bar and restaurant's intimate size can only accommodate a few patrons at a time. 

"A night at the hotel is an escape in itself," says Eddy Trejos, the bar's expert Sommelier, Maître D', and mixologist. "…guests start their experience transfixed by the sunset, share stories with other travelers at the bar, then move on to the intimacy of the local cuisine. It's the expert attention of the staff that adds the finishing touches to an unforgettable evening," he explains. 


Kua Kua Restaurant and Bar 360 – Fine Dining and Exquisite Revelry.

Meaning Butterfly in Costa Rica's Indigenous Boruca language, Kua Kua Restaurant captures the region's bountiful flavors in its straightforward, yet creative dishes. 

Chef Nelson Spichiger was born in Switzerland. As the son of a Swiss father and Costa Rican mother, much of his life entailed taking in the sights, scents, and flavors of different cultures while traveling with his globetrotting parents. 

He later settled in his mother's homeland, Costa Rica, and dedicated himself to the task of materializing the elements of his life's experiences into a cuisine that can only be called his own. 

And much like the soul of Hotel Three Sixty, Spichiger's creations are elemental in nature. His menu embraces several ethnic flavors. Yet, his materials—a cornucopia of local vegetables, legumes, tubers, and fruits, combined with shellfish, pasture-fed meats, and wild fish caught by the town's fishermen—speak for themselves. 

Each flavor is unique, and he chooses every locally sourced ingredient for its unique contribution to the senses. 

Take the Costa Rican inspired Shrimp Gallo starter. Spichiger serves a savory tempura-fried gulf shrimp over a warm homemade tortilla that's topped before serving with chilled cucumber and mango salad laced with a hint of Centenario rum glaze. 

Or the grilled catch of the day. A filet of Wild sea bass, red snapper, grouper, or other Pacific delicacy is lightly grilled then served with a naturally sweet carrot ginger puree aside tender (and slightly bitter) hearts of baby bok choy and united under a warm and savory mushroom confit, and earthy nut crumble.

Surprisingly, Spichiger is a humble and soft-spoken chef. "I make food that makes me happy - to create, and to eat." Yet his immaculate kitchen and staff are anything but humble. Utilizing the latest in gastronomic technology, from the Rationale oven to the Sous Vide art of perfecting meat, each facet of a dish's creation is meticulously calculated. 

Daily his crew prepares several types of home-baked bread; the meat, bacon, and ribs are aged and cured onsite; seasonings and curries are blended by Spichiger. Herbs, spices, and baby greens are grown organically at the hotel's gardens. Sustainability isn't a goal; it's a reality in his kitchen.

Barman Eddy Trejos is the king of his castle. The beautifully orchestrated bar borders the terrace so that guests can take in the stunning 360-degree vistas. He, Chef Spichiger, and the Three Sixty owners masterfully crafted the exclusive wine list. French vintages take the stage, along with Italian, U.S., Spanish, Argentine, and Chilean varietals, champagne, and delicate rosés. Eddy is well-versed at pairing each wine with every course and plate offered on the menu.

The bar features top-shelf liquors from around the globe and specialty infused creations concocted by Eddy himself. Among his signature drinks are a Campari, juniper berry, and rosebud-infused gin and tonic; a passionfruit margarita with a cayenne pepper salted rim; a homemade Limoncello using local citrus, and of course traditional classics. 

Discover why Three Sixty is coined “luxury with a local feel.”

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Tips for protecting your home


Tips for protecting your home: , Gutters must be cleaned. Make sure your landscaper is doing that during every visit (minimum twice per month), especially during the rainy season. Water mitigation starts with landscaping. Take care when changing the landscaping of a property – especially if you want to change slopes/grades. Don’t plant trees too close to your home. If they are already planted, make sure the limbs are cut back to decrease the probability of debris falling onto the roof.  
Install “alcantarillas” (concrete tubes typically used under roads and driveways) to help the water keep moving. 
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