Things to Do in Dominical: Rainy Season

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By Trevor Brown

During the rainy months of the year, Dominical generally receives less tourism. The rain is usually viewed as undesirable by many tourists. While I understand that may be true in cooler climates, the temperatures don’t change much here. The tropical dream of wearing shorts and a tank top all day still exists, but bringing an umbrella is probably a good idea. Once you catch on to the daily weather patterns, you learn to work with it. Sunny mornings are just as common as thunderstorms in the afternoon. Just plan accordingly. There are actually many activities that are better in the rainy season.

River Rafting is at its prime. Rafting companies leaving Dominical for daily adventures offer class 3 and class 4 rapids with a choice of 3 nearby rivers. The trips are incredibly scenic to say the least and the high water levels make for a thrilling ride.

Waterfalls near Dominical such as Pozo Azul and La Ceiba are also at a more exciting level now. In the summer months, some nearby waterfalls slow down to a dull trickle. With more consistent rains, the cascades are more dramatic, and the pools are fresh and cool! As long as you plan your trip for the morning, your odds of sunny skies are much better.

Surfing is another Dominical activity that gets better in the rainy months. Dominical receives the biggest and most consistent surf between the months of MayOctober. If you are just learning, the white water waves on the lower tide phases are great then.

The rainy season is usually the preferred time of the year by both Ticos and expats. The average temperature is generally cooler and there is an abundance of water for crops. With the rains come seasonal tropical fruits. Learn to live with the flow and embrace the rain season.

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