The World's Fastest Animal is Visiting

Halcon – World’s Fastest Animal

It lives mostly along mountain ranges, river valleys, and coastlines in Polar Regions. In regions with a mild winter, it often becomes a permanent resident; however, some of them, especially adult males, may remain in their breeding territory.

This amazing creature is the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus); they arrive in Sierpe during the month of December when the cold winter strikes North America. During the early November, they start their migration south to the coastal lowlands such as the Sierpe mangroves. This special tourist is a great attraction for bird watchers, and increases the list of birds moving through the area´s rich ecosystem.

They are considered the fastest birds with speeds up to 375 km/h while freefalling. Their strategy is to hit the wing of the prey at high speed, and catch it immediately on the air. This turns them into specialized hunters, able to catch their prey on the fly.

In the wild, they can live up to 15.5 years. The mortality rate during their first year of life is between 59 and 70%, decreasing to 25-32% in adults. Apart from anthropogenic threats like collision with human-made objects, their natural enemies are larger predators like the great eagles or owls.

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Article written by Enoc Espinoza

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