The Tucan Hotel in Uvita has twelve rooms, all with their private bathrooms and most with AC. Prices vary according to the season but are always competitive! The restaurant SimbiOsa is rapidly becoming a local favorite, and every guest gets to enjoy the restaurant as breakfast is included in the room’s price. The common areas are spacious and allow guests to relax even when it pours outside. You can usually find the owners, Pierre & Sara working hard on a new project in the space as they cannot rest until the Tucan is a perfect representation of their vision.

Feel free to come and check out the space they have created (especially if you knew the Tucan from before – you will be surprised!). And to invite you to do so, they are putting together lots of events such as Paint Night, Live Music gigs, Movie Nights, and more to give the people of Costa Ballena a great space to spend their days and nights.

In July 2019, a Canadian couple Pierre and Sara took to the road and drove from Northern Quebec to Uvita. The RV they used is now a part of the hotel they bought and renovated and will forever remind the trip of a lifetime. 7,500 kilometers, seven countries, three people, four dogs, and one cat later, they finally arrived (more or less) safe and sound!

The destination was the Tucan Hotel in Uvita, a well-established hostel in the heart of town that had seen better days. The potential was huge, but some much-needed elbow grease and vision were needed to bring out the jewel that it is. Over the next few months, the transformation occurred in the form of brand-new rooms with updated details. Everything was going swimmingly until the world descended into chaos and the tourism industry took a sharp turn for the worse in March 2020.

Faced with a closed hotel and no prospects for international tourism in the foreseeable future, Pierre & Sara decided to double down on their project and bring forward the Tucan 5-year plan to life immediately. Surrounding themselves with incredible people from all walks of life, they took on the final upgrades in this unique space: they installed a large pool in the back, two solar water heaters adorn the brand-new roof, the restaurant was overhauled and given a new identity (SimbiOsa – Fusion Cuisine), the parking lot doubled in size, and they now have a shark tank! It was a lot of hard work, and most of it was taken on directly by the owners and the staff, but things are finally coming together!

Come and we show you around!

Innertropische Konvergenzzone (ITKZ)

ITCZ – Intertropical Convergence Zone

It sneakily snakes her soggy way around the globe, bringing storms, floods, mudslides, misery and also, life-giving rains and reprieve to many areas around the tropical and sub-tropical world. This is the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). 

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The list of cross-border digital services on which the tax rate of 13% value added tax (VAT) must be applied was updated as of November 1st. The new services included in the list are hosting services: Airbnb, Homeaway and Vrbo.

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Oilbird (Steathornis caripensis) 3

Oilbird (Steathornis caripensis)

There are just 11 official records of the Oilbird in Costa Rica, including my report. The spectacular Corcovado National Park was sending me the best birding vibes ever. There is no research about this bird distribution or natural history in the Osa Peninsula.

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Yacht Catch & Relax

The Catch & Relax Yacht

Navigating around the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park is spectacular. Enjoy the rich coastline in search of dolphins or whales, or sneak a stunning sunset from Tulemar Bay is magic.

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