The Triangle - a Lifetime experience


by Dagmar Reinhard

These are cities located within a radius of 26 km in the canton of Osa, which is the greenest in Costa Rica. It has an area of 1930.24 km² and boasts exotic Forests, rivers, waterfalls and an exquisite cultural wealth. The centennial Nieborowsky School in Puerto Cortés will be the headquarter of  the V international Competition La Saharienne Costa Rica 2019.

La Saharienne is a French organization that promotes international multisport events exclusively for women. They chose precisely the area of ​​this Triangle to perform in La Saharienne 2019 Costa Rica races in December. On this occasion, the attention of the national and international press will focus on Osa, attracting significant media coverage.



The northernmost city of the triangle is Puerto Cortés.

cortezThe small city "on two wheels" was founded in 1910 and is witness to the banana history in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Withdrawn from the sea, on the banks of one of the arms of the majestic Terrabá River, Cortés was an important port for the commercial activity associated with banana cultivation. Nowadays, they celebrate the annual Canalete Festivals with aquatic Competitions. Of those of us who live here, who has not been to the Municipality, visited a relative in the Tomás Casas Casajús Hospital or entered the new building of the Court of Justice?





10 km further south, on the way to the border with Panama, is the city of Palmar, divided into North and South by the Terrabá river and its emblematic metal bridge. Palmar Sur has a newly remodeled airfield. Air transport remains the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Osa.

Palmar has several archaeological sites, where you can admire the enigmatic stone spheres, which are bastions of the rich indigenous culture that existed in the Valle del Diquís.



The town of Sierpe is located on the banks of the magical river of the same name. Its deep and greenish waters obey the change of the tides, rising and falling, crowned by water lilies.

Sierpe is the port of entry to the largest mangroves in Central America. Entering the canals, you suddenly find yourself in a tunnel with a vast canopy, home of monkeys, lizards and tropical birds. In its course, the river opens to a large plate of water surrounded by palm trees on its banks and where wildlife abounds.

The mountains in the distance and the clouds that rise early give the landscape a surreal impression.

The Triangle, the experience of your life!

manglares sierpe



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