The Toucan, the symbolic Bird of Costa Ballena


Photo by Plucky Photography

A majestic bird of respectable size and bright color flutters over our forests; it has an unmistakable profile and a melancholic song. It is the toucan, this beautiful bird symbolizes our area.

Of the species that exist in Costa Rica, we have the largest in Costa Ballena, and it is usually seen either in groups or alone. It feeds on fruit, seeds, small reptiles, and snakes.

The toucan’s main characteristic is a large and powerful beak, which represents a third of its size. The beak is light weighted due to a series of internal chambers, and because of that feature, its size does not interfere with the flight. The beak also serves as a weapon. Additionally, it is known to help regulating the body temperature thanks to the numerous vessels that run through it.

Another distinctive feature of the toucan is its short flight, which is the result of having small wings. This bird enjoys diving into forest clearings just for fun; unfortunately, this behavior has led him to accidents on the road. Occasionally, they mistakenly see the road as another clearing, so they are very prone to collisions with cars or trucks.

We have to take care of the toucan; it is the bird representing our area.

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