The Tank

By Blake Delatte / Development Director - Partner
AXIOM is proud to work with the national AYA (Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers) and the local ASADA (Communal Systems) to benefit the welfare of the Uvita community our vision is to assist in the development of Costa Ballena. Economic and community growth start with securing clean and abundant water. A portion of the company’s revenue is dedicated to developing community infrastructure systems.

We have invested, designed, and assisted in constructing several aqueducts to enhance government systems throughout the area.
These systems provide clean and reliable water sources to businesses and residents. The improvement of the Uvita water system was a team effort and could not have been done without the dedicated people working within the Uvita ASADA and the Axiom homeowners. They have contributed indirectly to this critical cause. The system enhancements have increased water availability, increased water storage by 500,000 liters and fortified critical areas of the system.
By Tania Calderón – Secretaria ASADA
The first objectives 4 years ago when this Board of Directors assumed the direction of the Asada of Uvita and Bahia, was to reduce expenses to the minimum, improve the collection management for the service, as well as find ways to bring water to our community. Today, we have five new springs. We have improved the aqueduct infrastructure to a large extent and the problem of water storage will be solved with this vitrified steel tank with a capacity of more than 500,000 liters. Axiom is donating this to our Asada, providing water to the whole community.
We live in a tourist area in full development. Although today we have enough water for future developments, we are already analyzing new sources that can be captured to ensure enough water for our beloved community for many more years. ■

AXIOM DEVELOPMENT GROUP - Blake Delatte & Jorge Montero - RQL /Engineering & Logistic (Installer) - Roy Quesada Engineering Dpto - Gerald Rodriguez - Legal Dpto - Evelyn Lizano Fernandez AyA Main Office San Jose - Legal department: Jean Pierre Araya & Alfredo Monge ASADA - Luis Sibaja - President / Andrés Rios - Administrator / Tania Calderón – Secretaria

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