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The Sports Adventure in the Heart of Osa

~by Rémy CAILHAU

Comunicación de redes sociales y asociaciones

Mission: Athletes will donate their prizes to associations that advocate against violence.

From December 13 to 20, 2019, La Saharienne will venture into the heart of Osa. For the first time in Costa Rica, a great 100% feminine and supportive multisport event will take place. It is a sport and human adventure out of the ordinary. For a week, the 70 women's teams of two members will tackle tests in the disciplines: trail, mountain bike, canoe, bow and arrow, and ax throwing.

Bruno Pomart (Raid Director), Jean-Marc Baldinger (Race Director), and Damien Vierdet are the representatives of the French organization La Saharienne. They explored the routes through the beautiful landscapes of the Osa region in the South Pacific to prepare a unique sporting event. They committed themselves with the Government of Costa Rica, the Osa Chamber of Tourism (CATUOSA), and the French Embassy to create a competition that will leave unforgettable memories in the participants and spectators.

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PROGRAM - December 13-20, 2019

La Saharienne 2019 - OSA - Costa Rica:

Day 1: Trail - 14.5 km

Day 2: Canoa (Golfo de Dulce / Rincón) - 15 km

Day 3: Multi-activity day: 4.5 km. Hiking, archery, ax, and unpublished activity.

Day 4: Boating and Trail (Sierpe) - 22.5 km and 8 km

Day 5: Race and bike 16 km

la saharienne

La Saharienne offers special conditions to Costa Rican teams. Contact: Alison Pomart - Whatsapp +506 8929 7111.

Alison Pomart is in charge of logistics for the event in Osa.

Among the visitors are also recognized French personalities such as Dounia Couesens, Emmanuelle Boidron, and Isabelle Fabre.

You can know more about them on Instagram:

Emmanuelle BOIDRON:


Isabelle Fabre:


Osa welcomes the athletes who will come with their families and friends from all over the world!


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