The Sierpe Ferry

Sierpe ferry (7)

Hundreds of tourists throughout the year come to Sierpe to wait for their eco tour adventures. The local tour operators offer educational and amazing experiences.

Sometimes, however, adventures and new horizons are even easier to experience. The Sierpe ferry is one very interesting example.

There are two lanchas. One is called “The Ferry” or “La Lancha.” The other, a rowboat, doesn’t have a Sierpe ferry (6)name. Jesús Flora Morales (Chu) has rowed the river over 20 years, rain or shine, seven days a week, from 6 am to 8 pm. He charges a dollar round trip. Besides passengers, he can carry light weight motorcycles.

David Cordero Porras is the captain of “La Lancha,” although he works for the owner of the boat. He also works the river seven days a week from 7 am to 5 pm, rain or shine. The cost for transporting a car one way is approximately $16.00. La Lancha is not only for pleasure and exploration, but it is tremendously important for transporting tractors, work vehicles, and trucks loaded with goods from one community to another.Sierpe ferry (8)

To find the launch site, travel the main road into Sierpe; pass the central plaza, onto the gravel road to the end. Turn right and go to the end of that dirt road.

      There is a protected seating area. If the ferry is on the other side of the river, yell, wave, or honk.

Safe travels and have fun!

-By Jeane Brennan

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