The Police recommends

fuerza publica

by José Nander Morales


When you visit our beautiful district, the Public Police Force (Fuerza Pública) of Bahía Ballena recommends: Inform yourself!

  • Ask where are the safest places to enjoy our exuberant natural beauties.
  • If you visit the beach or rivers, try to be accompanied, take only what is necessary and do not neglect your valuables.
  • If you are going to buy at the supermarket, leave your vehicle locked with no valuables in sight.
  • On the road, if your vehicle has a breakdown and someone offers help, be careful, not everyone really wants to help.

fuerza publica

We hope it does not happen, but if you have already been a victim of a property crime:

  • File charges! With your report in hand you can recover your things and the information is very important for us. You can do it by calling 911 or 2743-8538.
  • Do not resist. If you are the victim of an assault, you may be in danger and above all, your life is invaluable. Try to observe the characteristics of the offenders (clothing, skin color, height, tattoos, etc.). These details are important in the detection process.
  • Even if you are staying in a hotel, cabin or rented house, do not neglect it, keep the appropriate security measures with your belongings.
  • Keep a list of your valuable items with the brand, color, serial numbers and other characteristics during your stay. This information is of vital importance at the time of making your complaint.

Enjoy your stay with responsibility!  We are undertaking great efforts to make your visit an unforgettable and safe experience, do not let an oversight ruin your vacation! The Fuerza Publica of Costa Rica salutes you.

We are the people who take care of you!

Emergencias / Emergency Tel: 911 – Fuerza Pública de Costa Rica Tel: 2743 8538.

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