The New Trincheras in San Isidro

The New Trincheras in San Isidro | Las nuevas Trincheras en San Isidro

Trincheras (trenches) is an independent and self-managed cultural and artistic project, located in the heart of San Isidro de El General. It was born in 2012 with the idea of promoting art, culture and books, and supporting any other theatrical manifestation. In the beginning the project had to be sustained by its members, family and friends who firmly believed in giving the people a cultural alternative. With the growing support of the public and thanks to the effort and perseverance, the project now has its own much more pleasant and comfortable space. It is one of the favorite places for artists and art lovers in Pérez Zeledón, to express themselves as they find a refuge, share and publicize their work. Throughout these 6 years, Trincheras has managed to create a very varied range of services and cultural activities: used books, local crafts, music events, lectures, cinema, yoga, art exhibitions, club readers, art workshops, languages, music, among others.

Ediciones Chirripó also revived a small publishing house that seeks to rescue the national historical memory. Last year they formed the group Trincheras + Música, a union of young composers who toil to promote their work and which have been impacted nationally. These are the ideas that the project seeks to concretize, help the different sectors of art and create alliances. A valuable addition to the new premises is SIEMBRA, a completely vegetarian restaurant that promotes healthy eating with its delicious dishes and its monthly cooking and nutrition workshops.

We invite you to visit this new Trinchera, located in Barrio Boston in front of the Hotel Nuevo Iguazú, on the main road. Our philosophy, according to the  preaching of José Martí “Trincheras (trenches) of ideas are worth more than trenches of stones.”

By Natasha Herrera V.

CONTACT: Las Trincheras - Natasha Herrera V. - Tel: (506) 8651 1057

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