The New Human Condition?

The New Human Condition?

Author: Chema Medina

To define our times is no easy matter; one would have to refer to historical moments, myths, legends, and science to give a presentation of our process and include some of the forces responsible for shaping it.  Humans have confronted all types of challenges during millennia, initially more physical and lately more psychological, mythical/spiritual.  The faculties that humans have developed through their intellectual capacities are truly astonishing. More yet, if we add the ability to shape abstract concepts, that would take him to the farthest utmosts of the Universe.

Above all, we should understand that human beings are in a design process, just as any biological entity. It is an evolutionary process, although a major handicap is the psychic component. It has been heading through a double trajectory: the existential one, just like any other living organism, and the metaphysical, a relatively new dwelling in society. It lingers in a neophyte state; therefore, it has much to discover yet.

Although many discoveries were made about the precedence of the Homo sapiens sapiens, the essential question by excellence is still not clear enough: who are we, where do we come from, or where are we going to?

Perhaps there is more than one trajectory befitting a destiny.  All the interventions in human development have been so impacting. Many variables overwhelm future possibilities, even if those interventions were evolutionary challenges, therefore giving the image of destiny. 

Although I don’t believe that humans can be so incompetent to fall so often in the same tramp, as history shows by the many failed intents towards progress, all civilizations have shown in their overwhelming collapses.  Perhaps if indeed, humans were so useless, showing that they are not consequent with what is incumbent, they would merit their destiny because of those failings.

Anyway, the concept that destiny is in its own hands and not prescribed convinces me more as it being part of an evolutive process. 

Believing that it is better to focus on a trajectory in which one is the master than by one ruled by hierarchies that show destiny according to specific preordains or induced behaviors. 

Defining freedom has caused headaches, even though we already have it. We don’t know how to use it and tend towards its abuse and much less understand what freedom of will is.  Then, what is happening? It is not a document that gives us freedom; perhaps it is us being apt to such beneficence and responsibility.   Being free implies that one can do and be whatever, though one is not free from the consequences of having been or done something. 

There are three forces that I consider indispensable: to be the owners of freedom of will and therefore of destiny. Of the three, very little is known, though efforts were made to describe them. Neither the mystic, artist nor the scientist has presented a clear and complete definition.  That is why I prefer undefinable solutions, such as Love, Anarchy, or the Tao.

A great paradox encloses the new human condition, even though so many essayists have presented us with such eloquent and diverse points of view. It only amplified this dilemma since probably the best we can comprehend is that this great paradox would be logical, and therefore, its comprehension inaccessible.  

That allows us to continue investigating, experimenting, and experiencing until we achieve a higher rung in this infinite stairway that surpasses the confines of the mind.

Now that we are starting to enter the quantic mind, one could understand that the extent of infinity within the Torus applies to the future as to the past. In geometry, a torus (plural tori) is a surface of revolution generated by rotating a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis that is coplanar with the circle. If the revolution axis does not touch the circle, the surface is shaped like a ring and is called a torus of revolution.

That is seen from a three dimensional and not from a linear mind. 

Suppose that we were to enter into the quantum mind, where there is no time and space, nor cause and effect, just a constant presence in the form of Torus; we might realize that to become is what it is anyhow, what leaves us precisely where we are standing, with a sigh in our lips.

There may be the chance that this precise evolutive moment in which humanity finds itself at a cultural and physiological level is very similar, as it was between the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. This time around, it is with a galactic awareness of an evolutive mind in quantum perspectives.




To provide better attention to the taxpayer and facilitate the completion of tax procedures, since August 28, 2020, the Ministry of Finance made the Virtual Procedure (TRAVI) platform available.
This platform includes approximately 40 procedures for extensive control, collection, valuation, and inspection; It works as an accompanying instrument for taxpayers who need to be up to date with tax regulations.

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Maritime Terrestrial Zone Costa Rica 1

Maritime Terrestrial Zone Costa Rica

Every time a client arrives in Costa Rica with the dream of acquiring property near the beach, with beach front and direct access to this, his dream becomes a “nightmare” when he hears words such as Concession, Maritime Terrestrial Zone, and its Law. And it is not for less, since this type of land has different care and treatment from many other properties in the national territory. Various government institutions such as municipalities, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, and others are involved.

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The Magic at Scala Restaurant in Dominical 3

The Magic at Scala Restaurant in Dominical

Scala Restaurant & Sibú Café are located at the Escaleras Village. On the Coastal Highway, just a few kilometers South of Dominical or North of Uvita, follow the sign to Escaleras. It offers a gorgeous contour between the jungle and the sea. Village Escaleras is an all-open location with three environments with a cool breeze that blows across the terraces.

It has a hip atmosphere and soothing environment; you feel like relaxing in the midst of the jungle with the ocean showing through the tall trees. The place is so well-liked that most customers come regularly to have an early breakfast or enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with their family, friends, or business partners. 

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The Magic Of Love Romantic Dinner at Retro Restaurant

A romantic dinner at Retro Restaurant

Retro Restaurant offered a romantic dinner to celebrate the ocassion. That night we can say that the magic of love floated in the place. To complement the decoration, the fine attention, and the special menu that Chef Jordany prepared, we had the opportunity to enjoy the songs performed by Armando Román and incredible magic acts performed by two distinguished magicians,

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

FENG SHUI, the Chinese art of interior design, brings us success, health, and an “even” better life. Feng-Shui, literally translated as “wind-water,” is the art of living in harmony with the environment. Happiness, prosperity, and health increase. Feng-Shui teaches life in harmony with the five natural elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.

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COVIRENAS – Protecting Biodiversity 5

COVIRENAS – Protecting Biodiversity

Osa is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, it has one of the lowest human development indices in the country.
The Osa Peninsula has historically had socioeconomic conflicts that inevitably trigger environmental crimes.

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MANASSAH, the need for a change in life

Manassah is from Chicago (Illinois) and has lived in Uvita for five years. She left behind her job as a court reporter, well paid, and no less stressed in the metropolis of Chicago with a population of nearly 3 million people. The need for a change in her life was prevalent. After volunteering at the Hostel Cascada Verde in Uvita in 2009, she decided to focus on moving to Uvita permanently.

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Tuna are biting like crazy 7

Tuna are biting like crazy

Hello from beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica. We are thankful to be back on the water fishing every day. Right now, the Tuna are biting like crazy. There are large schools of Tuna right by Cano Island.

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