The New Beach Promenade


by Dagmar Reinhard

Guillermo Zabala Rivero has been living in Costa Rica for seven years, five of them in the Dominical area. He studied Structures at an Uruguayan University and worked for eight years in the United States.

BT46 Adoquinamiento DomidominicalFour years ago he built one of the most luxurious homes in Hatillo, north of Dominical. Today he is proud to be part of Patron’s management team.

Guillermo recently pulled ahead as a mediator between the residents of Dominical, the Municipality of Osa and the contractors who are building the new pedestrian promenade along the beach. The controversy was about the cutting of trees to carry out the project. The Municipality had expressed the need to cut 185 trees. In negotiations between the residents of Dominical and the Municipality it was agreed to cut “only” 93 trees. Thanks to the intervention of Guillermo finally no more than 30 trees were felled.

Works on the new boulevard are about to finalize; it was built within a concrete cordon with 8 cm thick cobbledominical2 stones. The promenade has a slight slope to either side so the rain water can drain alongside through the ditches.

The walk will eventually be 440 meters long with width of 6.30 m. According to Guillermo, there are big plans for Dominical: cobblestone sidewalks with lighting, garbage pickup, and signaling are planned for the whole town of Dominical, to be completed by April this year.

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