The Millennials are coming

The Millennials are coming - A new generation of travelers~ by Annie Drake

A new generation of travelers

The last generation born in the 20st century is referred to as “Millennials.” Due to a major surge in birthrates in the 80’s and 90’s, this group will make up a large number of incoming travelers. Research claims that there are 76 million millennials in the USA.

One of their major characteristics is a great familiarity with media, communications and digital technology. The majority own a computer and cell phone. This “largest generation” is often overlooked in the travel industry even though they are the fastest growing demographic in the industry and are expected to take over 320 million international trips each year by 2020. They will make up 70% of all hotel guests. Here are a few statistics about how they make their travel choices:

87% research on Facebook The Millennials are coming - A new generation of travelers

49% take last minute vacations

46% book through a smart phone or tablet

97% will post their experiences on Social Media

68% remain loyal to a program that offers the most rewards

Businesses that wish to attract this type of client can do several things to promote themselves. A strong Social Media presence is mandatory. Well created, easy to use websites with a mobile friendly application facilitate the decision and booking ease. Offering extras (upgrades, coupons, discounts, Wi-Fi, freebies, etc.) creates loyalty and brings in a secondary revenue. Social media contests that encourage posting of selfies and experiences will attract more clients.

The millennials have the highest average number of Facebook friends, most will be following their trip. Since many are able to work online while traveling, last minute promotions are more accessible to them. A study showed that the average millennial prefers to spend money on experiences what is referred to as “experience economy.” They look for that perfect, fun place near all the good restaurants that offer thrilling tours all to create a lifetime memory. The Millennials are coming! Are you ready for them?

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