The Magic Moon and the Plants

Magic moon and plants,, fases lunares y plantas

By Dagmar Reinhards

With the focus on technology, the importance of lunar phases seems to have fallen into oblivion. However, the moon is a mirror that reflects the sunlight which causes variations in the behavior of the plants. Farmers know that lunar phases influence the movement of plant sap, germination and growth. The magnetism, depending on the distance of the moon from the earth also affects the marine currents.

Only when I myself had the opportunity of planting, I began to give importance to the lunar phases.
For your orientation I am sharing a scheme with you, dear reader, which can help you to plant, harvest and transplant at the right moment in order to have healthier and more resilient plants.

Fases de la luna

First quarter: During this period, the light is increasing and the plants develop their foliage and roots. It is a good time to sow: water rises to the surface and the seeds sprout. If vegetables are planted two days before the crescent, they will germinate earlier and more evenly than at other moments.

Full moon: There is full light, the foliage becomes leafy. The sap flows strongly through the trunk, branches and foliage. It is a good time to harvest fruits and leafy vegetables, but not to make cuttings!

Fourth quarter: The moon begins to diminish, and everything moves down. Good period to transplant, the roots are strengthened in this phase. It is the ideal time to plant root vegetables (ginger, turmeric).

New Moon: It is the resting phase, the growth is very slow due to very little or no light. You can harvest root plants and perform maintenance tasks such as weeding, pruning and fertilizing.
Good luck, gardeners!

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