Big Cats in Ojochal

Nights in Ojochal are Full of Life!

Yes, Costa Rica is known for its abundant biodiversity, but not many neighbors of Ojochal would imagine that they could share their garden with a wild cat, which could be a jaguar or a puma. In the past, many testimonies of neighbors, along with animal footprints, showed the presence of Ocelots in Ojochal and even larger cats, such as the puma or the panther.

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Medios de comunicación local - local matters

Local Matters

Local publications and media play a key role in communities by helping us to see and care about things we may have missed or not paid much attention to. No mass media is going to take the time to report on a local incident, social event, business opening or fundraiser and, if they do arrive for a story, they won’t have the background or time to understand the people involved and how it truly impacts the community.

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AVOCADO, aguacate, super food,

Avocado Day – July 31st

Considered a Super Food there are many reasons to celebrate the National Avocado Day. One of the secret weapons in an avocado is the high oleic acid content. This moisturizing fatty acid helps keep skin soft and hydrated but also supports the regeneration of damaged skin cells reducing redness and irritation.

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Ceviche de bolillo - Ceviche made of shark

Ceviche Made of Shark?

A healthy natural system is expected to possess five “consumer” categories. For example, in the ocean the first stage of the food pyramid is the phytoplankton, a microscopic algae, which is eaten by zooplankton, tiny microscopic animals either in their larval, juvenile or adult stages, which are then consumed by shellfish, corals, mollusks, and small filtering fish. Above them are carnivores, basically predators and cetaceans.

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