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Ballena Tales is a Magazine and Travel Guide for the South Pacific region of Costa Rica based in Uvita on the Costa Ballena since 2008. It connects companies of Costa Ballena and Osa - South Pacific with the rest of Costa Rica and the world. We are a multi-lingual and multi-professional team and are proud of our open and long-standing cooperation with national and international partners.

In Ballena Tales Magazine & Travel Guide you will find useful and entertaining information about sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, lifestyle, wildlife and adventure of the Osa Peninsula and Costa Ballena.

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Ojochal preservation, nature preservacion pasión

Tropical Paradise in Ojochal: Passion for Preservation

Ojochal is the idyllic fantasy of a community where mountains, sea and friendly people are intertwined in a single space. Named for the abundance of the native tree “the eye of the tropical forest,” its most notorious feature is the forest cover that surrounds this particular community of the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. […]

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Tommy, el racoon mapache

Tommy, the rescued Raccoon

This is Tommy, a rescued racoon. He and his littermates came to me in 2014 as small babies. It became apparent that one of the babies (Tommy) had a bad problem in his rear legs, they seemed paralyzed. The decision was made to give him some time to see if the problem would correct itself […]

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Blue Flag Bandera azul ojochal

Ojochal: Another Blue Flag, this Year with 3 Stars!

Ecological Blue Flag (BAE) award (Communities category), and this year earning three stars. This prestigious annual award recognizes the effort and voluntary work of the committees for the Ojochal Blue Flag and the community. It is very special considering that since 2015, Ojochal is the only community participating in this category in the Canton of […]

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citrus Chef creating with love and passion

Citrus: Creating with Love and Passion

Chef Marcella has not only made a name for herself in the South of Costa Rica but also internationally. This year, shortly after celebrating the tenth anniversary of her famous restaurant Citrus in Ojochal, she participated in the fourth edition of the “Taste of / Goût de France” event, organized by the Ministry of Europe […]

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Alturas Crossing Group New Bridge for the Monkey Capuchin Community

New Bridge for the Monkey Capuchin Community

Over the past few months, Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary have been monitoring a wild group of Capuchin monkeys in the area of Dominicalito. We noticed that this troop crosses the main road every day, often coming close to death due to the heavy traffic on the Costanera road. After receiving community support and collecting over 200 […]

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Paloma Coronado Ama tierra

Ama Tierra

Paloma Coronado Manrique and Sara Luz Abarca are two women with many desires to share their magic. Paloma is from Peru, raised in Mexico and for six years has lived in Costa Rica. Sara is Tica, and both are neighbors in the Valley of Las Tumbas (by an old indigenous cemetery near Tinamaste). They joined […]

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sustainable living in Costa Rica el fuego Brew

Fuego Brew Co.’s Mission

At Fuego Brew Co., in Dominical, drinking responsibly is your choice but operating responsibly is ours. The mission is not only provide fresh artisan beer & food, but to create a correlation between craft beer and the eco-sustainability movement. From the brewery’s water treatment systems, to the recycling of bi-product and using eco-friendly products we […]

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Puma Biodiversity Costa Rica Costa Ballena

Biodiversity in Costa Ballena

The word “biodiversity” is a recent addition to our language having first appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1985. The word takes on a special meaning when referring to the Costa Ballena, because this is one of the few places in the world where the biodiversity is actually increasing. It is a privilege to live […]

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Little Red Riding Hood, an Amazing Production

Little Red Riding Hood, an Amazing Production

The young students, children and teenagers at the Happy Feet Ballet & Performing Arts School in Dominical (related article) gave an excellent presentation of their incredible talent. The very hard work six days a week, not only training ballet, but singing and performing as well, paid off. Little Red Riding Hood carried the spectators at […]

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concert charity

An All-Day Charity Concert Event

When rainy season rolls around, locals and tourists are always looking for something to occupy their time. Birdhouse Productions has the perfect solution. “Jugadores en la Playa” is an all-day charity concert event that will be held on September 16th of this year at the Rum Bar and the Rio Lindo Pool Bar. “We wanted […]

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Mother's day

August – Mother’s Month

In Costa Rica, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 15. The tradition is to go visit mother, take her a gift, invite her to eat, and pamper her a lot. It is common among mothers to behave like adolescent birds when they see all their chicks gathered, cackling with pure happiness. This behavior is also […]

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Southerners of Strain and Heart

Southerners of Strain and Heart

There is nothing more important than learning to be well with one’s self and others in order to live together and be happy. We see that natural balance exemplified in Mother Nature, who is wise and benevolent. In “Pachamama” are the best kept secrets of evolutionary life and in each of them the grace of […]

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Reticulated Python

Giant Snakes at Reptilandia

We all hear stories and see fake photos on social media about the enormous snakes that slither around in the world’s tropics, snakes that swallow whole cows and are lifted by huge cranes. Well, I have to disappoint you. Until this day the 10 plus meter snake has still not been found. The longest snakes […]

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Andrew Shahan KABE

Kabe academy forging bilingual innovators and critical thinkers

The changes in our exponentially technological world are so rapid that they require constant growth. In the innovative, bilingual academy in Uvita, your child will develop love and commitment to the curriculum, complemented by practical periods in contact with nature and the Tico and international community. They will learn the real world skills necessary for […]

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Rafting - adventure in Osa

Things to Do in Dominical: Rainy Season

By Trevor Brown During the rainy months of the year, Dominical generally receives less tourism. The rain is usually viewed as undesirable by many tourists. While I understand that may be true in cooler climates, the temperatures don’t change much here. The tropical dream of wearing shorts and a tank top all day still exists, but […]

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Orange Collared Manakin

Manakins, The neotropical birds

These little manakins are a family of Neotropical birds that represents eight species in Costa Rica that are recognized by their rounded shape. The males have bright colors that often contrast with black. They’re famous for elaborate courtship meetings, also known as leks. The males attract the females to their party inside the forest with […]

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Chef German

A delightful dish: What can you surprise me with today?

Searching for a romantic spot to have an amazing meal? Look no further! TikiVillas at Playa Hermosa introduces Las Velas restaurant. Chef Germán encourages diners to request whatever they crave. Ask him “What can you surprise me with today?” And he will urge you: “Tell me what you desire!” Inspired Chef German Santamaria has worked […]

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Surfing: 7th Dominical Semana Santa Classic

The Dominical Semana Santa Classic has become a big and completely nonprofit community event. Justin Hague the organizer and head judge came to Dominical in 2005. Originally, he was a realtor from California who found that this area had a great potential. Always a passionate surfer, this was his opportunity to making a living out […]

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Nature Sanctuary: Educating about Wildlife

As a Canadian veterinary technician student, I spent the past 2 and a half years learning all about animal medicine. With Canada’s long winters and hot summers, we have a large variety of wildlife. However, I wanted to do my final placement somewhere unique – somewhere that I could walk out of my bedroom and […]

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South of Costa Rica

Writing is something that I am passionate about. I understand that through writing a lot of knowledge is acquired, which is powerful when used positively. Knowledge breaks the chains of slavery of any kind. In the South of Costa Rica, there is a privileged valley inhabited by brave and gallant people who have always fought […]

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The largest mammal in Central America: The Tapir

Weighing upwards of 300 kilos Baird’s Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) is the largest land mammal in Central or South America. Tapirs are still found in at least eight national parks in Costa Rica, but are locally extinct in the Costa Ballena. At the beginning of the 20th century this area was completely covered with rainforest, and […]

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Young chef man

GastroPub Batsú & Panes La Estrella

A delicious place in Perez Zeledon Sous-chef Anthony To find a GastroPub in the magnificent Chirripo’s mountain skirts was quite a surprise. Meeting David, the owner of the successful establishment along with his large family, was another. “GastroPub” is an innovative business concept where haute cuisine tapas are served at affordable prices. On this occasion […]

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Researchers says Why do Cat’s Meow?

Researchers diverge on how many different sounds a cat can make, but most agree that cats only vocalize to humans, not to other cats. Another cat will only receive a hiss or growl, not a “oh, there you are. ” Every cat’s meow varies from any others. They seem to have a set of sounds […]

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Red eyed frog

Reptilandia: Exotic Amphibians at the Reptile Park

Parque Reptilandia houses not only creatures from the reptile world, but also has a small exotic variety of frogs that can be seen. Some of these like our poison dart frogs, family of Dendrobatidae, are living together with snakes, turtles or lizards. The poison dart frogs do have toxins, and their bright colors warn off predators. […]

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