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Ballena Tales is a Magazine and Travel Guide for the South Pacific region of Costa Rica based in Uvita on the Costa Ballena since 2008. It connects companies of Costa Ballena and Osa - South Pacific with the rest of Costa Rica and the world. We are a multi-lingual and multi-professional team and are proud of our open and long-standing cooperation with national and international partners.

In Ballena Tales Magazine & Travel Guide you will find useful and entertaining information about sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, lifestyle, wildlife and adventure of the Osa Peninsula and Costa Ballena.

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Drake Bay has an Airport Drake estrena aeropuerto

Drake Bay has an Airport

The Drake Bay community is premiering its airport, and it is not just any landing field! According to representatives of the air transport company SANSA, it is the third best airport in the country, preceded only by the international airports Daniel Oduber, in Liberia and Juan Santamaría, in Alajuela. It is not yet completely finished. […]

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Golfo Dulce y los Delfines Golfo Dulce and the Dolphins

Golfo Dulce and the Dolphins

The Golfo Dulce is a small gulf, enclosed by land ropes. It is a tropical fjord of Costa Rica located on the southern coast of the country, in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the south side it borders the Osa canton and to the north with Golfito. This gulf is home for several […]

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Expat adventure costa rica expatriados aventura costa rica

Expat: Costa Rica is our Adventure

“You have to be into it or you won’t last.” This is certainly correct in the case of Overton Pratt and Michelle DiCogno, an expat couple living in Cinco Ventanas. After seeing the discovery show “Edible Adventures”, filmed in Costa Rica, they felt a call to come and volunteer at the Permaculture Farm called Punta […]

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Jardinería de coral en el Golfo Dulce Coral Gardening in Golfo Dulce

Coral Gardening in Golfo Dulce

Golfo Dulce, in the southeastern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is home to coral reefs and communities that have been affected by  different factors in the last three decades. In a recent attempt to conserve these important marine ecosystems that are threatened worldwide, coral gardening is becoming a useful tool to help restore the corals; […]

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DAWG saving dogs: Canela’s Tale DAWG ayudando perros: La Historia de Canela

DAWG saving dogs: Canela’s Tale

In 2016, a friend Mona Meier alerted DAWG that a homeless dog with a litter of pups was living on Bahia beach. With help we  located the hiding pups. For over a week, two volunteers went to the beach every day and waited for mom and her pups. Soon the ups started to appear but […]

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Excelente servicio con honradez y honestidad

Uvita: Excellent Service with Honor and Honesty

Our specialty is tire sales, but we also take care of mechanical services and maintenance of new Mazda, Kia, Toyota and Nissan vehicles among others. Some of our main services are oil changes, alignment with 3D technology, scanner and computer diagnostics and preparation for RTV (Technical Review.) 30 years ago, in small garage in San […]

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Playa Cativo Hotel Golfito Boutique Paradise Paraiso

Playa Cativo: First Five Star Hotel in the South Pacific

As a preface to your soothing adventure in the Golfo Dulce, a boat takes you through the magnificent blue waters to Playa Cativo Boutique Hotel. There, you are welcomed by the amiable staff that will discretely take care of you during your stay. The stunningly upscale beach lodge embedded in the untouched Costa Rican rainforest, […]

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Join the Movement “Zero Plastic Bags” Únase al movimiento “Cero bolsas plásticas”

Join the Movement “Zero Plastic Bags”

The Tinamaste Farmer’s Market is joining the movement of zero single use plastic. To achieve this we must unite the efforts of sellers and customers who visit our Market every Tuesday. Little by little, seller by seller, we are in transition towards the elimination of single-use plastics. This has been a progressive effort that we […]

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Pre-Columbian Rock Art at the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor Arte rupestre precolombino del Corredor Biológico Alexander Skutch

Pre-Columbian Rock Art at the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor

During the month of July, the division of Community Rural Tourism of the Association of Women of the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor, received the archeologist Iphigenia Quintanilla, recognized for her research on pre-Columbian stone spheres. Near her, we visited special places in the community of Santa Elena where we found rock art engraved in stone, […]

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Hotel Cristal Ballena with Art and Culture: Baroque Nomade Ensemble Arte cultura Emsamble Musica Barroca

Hotel Cristal Ballena hosted Baroque Nomade Ensemble

The brilliant interpretation of the “Baroque Nomade Ensemble” resounded through the air of the Cristal Ballena Hotel and was rewarded with copious applause by the audience. Doña Herta and Don Waldemar, owners of the hotel, are art lovers, especially of music. For many years they have hosted concerts in the hotel’s elegant facilities. Last August “Le […]

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Mandala Experience

A Mandala Experience

Michael is a professional photographer and creator of mandalas (which means “circle” or “wheel” in Sanskrit.) He recommends us “to Contemplate these geometrical designs such as the Flower of Life to align our thoughts, visions and perceptions to perfection”. “The flower gives the meaning and origin of all the information of the universe”! The DNAs […]

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Costa Rica Team Rafting world championship Campeonato mundial equipo

World Rafting Championship in Argentina: Adrenaline Guaranteed

From November 4-11 the “World Rafting Championship” will be held in the Aluminé River in the Patagonia of Argentina. The river is born in the lake of the same name and crosses the Neuquén province from north to south, parallel to the Andes Mountain Range. The riverbed is narrow, surrounded by high mountains and has […]

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Restaurant Mystic Sushi Restaurant

Mystic Sushi Restaurant: A delicious experience

We arrived around 7 pm. A couple of diners were enjoying their meal in the restaurant with a large open terrace, nice breeze, soft lighting and relaxing background music. For those who have not yet visited the recently opened Mystic Sushi in Uvita, they will be surprised to be greeted by Rocío Chaverri and Juan […]

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Catuosa Libre de plastico free of plastic

CATUOSA – Free of plastic

While the media is warning that the country discards 564 tons of plastic a day, Osa sets an example by promising to become the first plastic-free canton in Costa Rica. Andrés Vargas, one of the forerunners of the “Osa Libre de Plástico” movement and member of the Board of Directors of CATUOSA (Osa Chamber of […]

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DAWG: Great Progress !Éxito! Gran progreso

DAWG: Great Progress

In the days before DAWG, our beaches and streets were covered with homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats. Before DAWG there were individuals that tried to help, primarily by spaying and neutering strays, but it is the community support and donations that have helped us really make progress. We are now in our rainy […]

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La Asociación de Desarrollo de Uvita en acción The Development Association of Uvita in Action

Development Association of Uvita in Action

The Development Association of Uvita inaugurated a beautiful children’s playground next to the Bahía Community Center. It was built with the support of the Municipality of Osa and PANI (National Children’s Trust). Numerous parents with their children attended the event and witnessed the cutting of the ribbon. In her words, the representative of the Pani […]

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The Silencio Archeological Site: Curing of a Sphere Sitio arqueológico El Silencio: Curación de una Esfera

The Silencio Archaeological Site: Curing of a Sphere

One morning in May, collaborators of the National Museum of Costa Rica, residents of Osa and representatives of the indigenous community of Boruca met at El Silencio Archaeological Site to visit the largest sphere discovered so far. In 1992 the existence of the El Silencio sphere was recorded for the first time. In 2012, its […]

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Parque Nacional Marino Ballena Team Work trabajo en equipo

Marino Ballena National Park : Team Work

Currently, efforts have increased in the management of the waste that visitors leave at the Marino Ballena National Park. The officials of the protected area separate valuable waste such as cardboard, plastic, cans and glass, so that this waste will not be buried in a dump or even worse, reach the sea. This waste is […]

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Leaders of the Future Forjando futuros líderes

SELAL: Leaders of the Future

With the purpose of promoting sustainable local development, this July nine and ten-year students of the La Uvita High School, will participate in a program that seeks to connect training, ecological awareness, environmental conservation, English and leadership with employment options especially in the local economy. The program SELAL (Environmental Leadershiwp and Language Program at Stanford […]

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Micro plástico, un elemento sorpresa Micro plastic, a Surprise Element

Micro plastic, a Surprise Element

Costa Rica has numerous organized communities that participate regularly in beach cleanups representing a great social evolution. These activities are very important to mitigate the tons of waste that are polluting the oceans. However, we must not lose sight of the details, among which is the micro plastic. This term distinguishes the plastic that has […]

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Yoga and Living Sustainably Yoga y vivir sosteniblemente

Yoga and Living Sustainably

Patanjali (known as the father of yoga) proposed a “code of conduct” for those in the pursuit of spiritual growth. This system is known as the E ight Limbs of Yoga. The first limb is called: the Yamas. Basically, they are recommendations that outline a way of life, which leads to spiritual progress for everyone. […]

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Chicas y Caballos Horses and Girls

Girls and Horses

It is amazing when like-minded people unexpectedly unite. In the story of Chicas y Caballos (Girls and Horses), four women met and realized they had something in common— their lifelong love of horses. They shared stories about how the horse ranch was their happy place for peace and play. The benefits they experienced with horses […]

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Sail Cargo Carbon Negative Marine Freight Carbono Neutral Velero pionero

La Ceiba, a Pioneer Sail Cargo

The first rays of tropical sun begin to heat the day not long after the earliest light at the eco-shipyard in Punta Morales, Costa Rica. Ceiba, the pioneer sailing tall-ship of this project, will have a cargo capacity of 350 cubic meters. She will be carrying environmentally-friendly, ethical goods by the wind power up and […]

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Eco Feria Camino Real

Eco Feria Camino Real

Dominical of Costa Ballena has its Eco Fair, located in the area behind the Patron’s Restaurant. It is called Camino Real as the crossing from north to south and from east to west used by travelers and vendors alike. A good example is the famous Guayaba National Monument. Four beautiful women, Mrs. Estela, Keyna, Krishna […]

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Maracuya Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Restaurant Maracuya: Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Maracuya “Street Food & Cocktail Bar” (formerly La Casona) has all the flavor and color of a “trendy” restaurant. The attractive décor is pleasantly surprising with comfortable, relaxing sofas and a large terrace to observe the passers-by. The menu offers “Street Food”, which means a gourmet version of fast food served in food trucks and […]

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