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Ballena Tales is a Magazine and Travel Guide for the South Pacific region of Costa Rica based in Uvita on the Costa Ballena since 2008. It connects companies of Costa Ballena and Osa - South Pacific with the rest of Costa Rica and the world. We are a multi-lingual and multi-professional team and are proud of our open and long-standing cooperation with national and international partners.

In Ballena Tales Magazine & Travel Guide you will find useful and entertaining information about sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, lifestyle, wildlife and adventure of the Osa Peninsula and Costa Ballena.

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The Sparrow, Permissive Adoptive Mothers

Permissive Adoptive Mothers A few weeks ago, while cooking, I heard in the garden a sharp, loud, demanding, and continuous “peep” that seemed to ask for constant attention. Without hesitation, I went out with my camera and captured a curious […]

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feria tinamaste, miliki lopez

A Journey Towards Organics

A Journey Towards Organics  Meet Miliki Lopez Mendez, a graduate of Vida Autenica’s organic agriculture program, and one of our founding vendors at Feria Tinamaste. Thirty-five years ago, Miliki was working on a conventional agricultural farm, where the spraying of […]

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Law, ley, gesetz, registration, costa rica, shareholders, registration, accionistas

New Shareholders Registration Law

Among others, a recent change in tax legislation created an obligation where every Costa Rican company or corporation must declare to the Central Bank of Costa Rica who its shareholders are. The company representative must file a sworn declaration and obtain a digital signature authorization.

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la epicerie at Plaza Tangara, Una tienda de exquisiteces

A Delicatessen at Plaza Tangara

In Ojochal, at the new Plaza Tangara, they have opened a delicacies store: L’Épicerie. Chef Marcella, the owner of the business, explains: “We offer select products that you cannot find anywhere else.”

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ecoferia, dominical

Fridays: EcoFeria in Dominical

Every Friday, the EcoFeria takes place at the Patron`s restaurant. It is a space to get to know local farmers and produce and meet people from all over the world, who promoted eco-friendly and small businesses in the area.

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saharienne, bicicle

The Sports Adventure in the Heart of Osa

From December 13 to 20, 2019, La Saharienne will venture into the heart of Osa. For the first time in Costa Rica, a great 100% feminine and supportive multisport event will take place. It is a sport and human adventure out of the ordinary. For a week, the 70 women’s teams of two members will tackle tests in the disciplines: trail, mountain bike, canoe, bow and arrow, and ax throwing.

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Remaining in balance

Practicing a lot of one particular sport can lead to muscle generation in the areas of frequent use, leaving other parts of your body left to compensate. For example, surfers build most of their muscle in the upper body, lacking relative leg strength. For cyclists, legs get most of the workout, and the opposite can occur.

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chirripo valley

The Chirripo Valley

Taking a walk through this place not only recharges you with good energy and happiness, but it is also a gift for the soul to appreciate such beautiful views. The diversity in attractions is fascinating. You can enjoy from the newly opened Butterfly Kingdom, fresh trout, hot springs, Swiss cheeses, chocolate factory, to delicious artisan bread. Restaurants offer unique cuisine, hotels, trails and birdwatching.

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Beth Sylver in Costa Ballena

Laughter is the best medicine

I remember one of my first was experiences with an ATM here. The ATMs are, naturally, in Spanish, and this made doing something simple like withdrawing money complicated. One day I entered the booth to use the ATM to take out 160,000 colones. My first problem was, and sometimes still is, was entering all those zeros!

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birdwatching, mindfulness


Just take a deep breath, actively concentrate and put all our senses alert to discover these light life partner. Appreciate their teachings and let us be surprised by their intelligence.

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salvavidas, lifeguards

Jr. Lifeguards and Open Water Swim Clinic

The Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association is growing and as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to network and meet other individuals from like-minded organizations in Costa Rica. We’re all working together to help make Costa Rica’s beaches safer and take drowning off the list as the 2nd leading cause of accidental death in the country.

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Walking on hairy feet

Like all arboreal geckos, they have specialized feet; with these, they can adhere to any surface except for Teflon. They even can walk upside down thanks to the microscopic hairs or setae. They increase the ‘Van der Waals Forces’, which is the distance-dependent attraction between atoms or molecules, between its feet and the surface. The molecules interact with each other and create an electromagnetic attraction.

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osa, support

The more we support each other, the better we will be!

Costa Rica is far and above the rest of Central America in terms of development, security, and quality of life. Those benefits come at a cost, and we must be willing to pay it. A significant portion of our local economy has been cash-based, meaning taxes not collected or paid, and therefore funds for essential services are sparse.

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The importance of spay and neuter

Total costs, including medications, range from $22 to $45, depending on the size of the animal, and if it is in heat or if there are other complications. These clinics are for Costa Ricans who cannot usually afford to spay or neuter their pets.

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