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Ballena Tales is a Magazine and Travel Guide for the South Pacific region of Costa Rica based in Uvita on the Costa Ballena since 2008. It connects companies of Costa Ballena and Osa - South Pacific with the rest of Costa Rica and the world. We are a multi-lingual and multi-professional team and are proud of our open and long-standing cooperation with national and international partners.

In Ballena Tales Magazine & Travel Guide you will find useful and entertaining information about sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, lifestyle, wildlife and adventure of the Osa Peninsula and Costa Ballena.

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Hacienda Barú: A Short Fat Tree with Big Roots Un árbol bajo y gordo con raíces grandísimas

Hacienda Barú: A Short Fat Tree with Big Roots

“This tree is famous,” declared the University of Costa Rica professor. “There’s not another like it in the entire country”. The tree he was referring to is a chilamate (Ficus tonduzii). Its photo has appeared on the front cover of The Tico Times, the front page of the tourism section of La Nación, and in […]

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Envision Festival Free plastic Libre Plastico Uvita

Tips: Safety on the Beach

Over the last 20 years, I’ve heard the same stories multiple times. Here is the first one “I locked up the car and hid my bag under the seat. But when I came back, one of the doors was open and they took everything inside. I was gone only ten minutes.” I do not need to […]

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La Ceiba Cargo Ship: The Keel has been laid

In January 2019 we reached an important milestone – the keel has officially been laid, bolted and secured down. This has been a hugely exciting moment that will go down in the history of Ceiba. All the preparatory hard work of the preceding years has converged to this moment: as the keel is laid, the […]

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Stories Painted with Light

A nation without visual stories is a country without history. From George Melies, one of the first visual narrators, to the modern film industries, where Costa Ricans begin to appear. The seventh art is consolidated in society not only as a form of entertainment or artistic expression, but also as an identification, an extract, idealized in some, […]

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Amazon Habitat in Reptilandia Un habitat como el amazonas

Reptilandia: A New Amazon Habitat

At Parque Reptilandia, we are always improving the enclosures for our animals. A study is made of the habitat of the concerning species by available literature and photographs. Sometimes the photographs are from my own portfolio, other times from books or the internet. This time we provided a new habitat for our caiman lizards (Dracaena […]

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Butterflies: Casa Alegria is an Unforgettable Experience

On the slopes of Cerro Chirripó, in the town of Canaán de Rivas, Pérez Zeledón, Casa Alegría opens its doors to an unforgettable and fascinating experience. A recommended stop for all the people who visit the area. Casa Alegría has a butterfly garden inside a dome 11 meters high with a diameter of 22 meters. […]

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Environment Garbage Beach Playa Osa Basura Medio ambiente

Environment: Cleaning the Canton of Osa

The volunteers who participated in the recent Beach Cleanups along Costa Ballena enthusiastically agreed that they were incredibly interesting actions: «We collaborated with a meritorious initiative, met new beaches and roads, made friends and enjoyed delicious meals that were offered to us in the refreshment points.” After having walked almost 60 km and collected 335 kg of garbage […]

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Fit Dominical Ejercicio En forma Salvavidas Lifeguards Training

Training: Fit in Dominical

Dominical is not only a town known for its surfing, it’s known for the many activities that it offers. Just within the small town, you have many options for fitness activities aside from surfing, stand-up paddle at the Barú River, or diving tours offered throughout each day. Take a moment to notice how are fit […]

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Rugby Team Costa Ballena Deportes Sports Uvita

Sports: Rugby in Costa Ballena

Are you familiar with Rugby? It is a high contact sport, created in England and popular in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. It is the fastest growing sport in the United States and is said to be like a combination of American Football and Soccer. Rugby is based on running with the ball in […]

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Tara: A Sirena Saving Lives

Tara had just finished surfing at Dominical and was watching the waves and the sunset. It was after 5 p.m. and the lifeguards had already headed home for the day. Suddenly she noticed two people swimming very far out and one looked like she was having trouble. Tara didn’t like the look of the situation […]

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Costa Ballena Lifeguard, Salvavidas, Dominical

Beth Sylver: The Lifeguards’ Ambassador

Costa Ballena has come to greatly appreciate Beth Sylver´s dedicated input to improving the circumstances of the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards. Beth and her husband, Gene, are from California where they used to produce fine extra virgin olive oil. She felt the need to study yoga and transfer her newly acquired insights to more people. […]

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Marino Ballena National Park

The Safest place in Costa Rica

Costa Ballena is growing and with that comes a need for greater community security and essential services. Because development and infrastructure take time, it falls on the community itself to meet the most urgent needs. Since 2014, the private association, Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards, has rescued 300 tourists, residents and visitors, and attended over 100 […]

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semana santa surf dominical clasica classic

Surf: 8th Annual Dominical Semana Santa Classic

Once you have crossed the bridge of the Barú River, you have arrived at Dominical, a small coastal city where three regions are coming together: the Central Pacific, Pérez Zeledón and the South Pacific. Every Easter weekend it surprises with the best waves, and this year’s Semana Santa Classic will not disappoint. Last year´s contest […]

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El Camino de Costa Rica hiking caminata tour turismo

El Camino de Costa Rica

What began as a personal challenge recently became a record setting milestone for Lagunas resident Caryn Steele. After hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year, Caryn decided to attempt the recently established El Camino de Costa Rica (a challenging march from the Caribbean over the mountains to the Pacific). At this point, she […]

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DAWG Rescue legacy Shawnell Parker legado rescate animal

DAWG: The Legacy Continues

Many who have lived in the Costa Ballena area knew Shawnell Parker as the “visible face” of DAWG for over 11 years and her tireless efforts made DAWG an important part of the Costa Ballena community. When she passed away unexpectedly last fall, many people asked what will happen to DAWG? Will it continue?  We […]

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Sharks Secrets Secretos de Tiburones

Environment: Shark Secrets

The Isla del Caño Biological Reserve is one of the most biodiverse environments in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. it offers refuge to sharks and rays such as the white tip shark (Triaenodon obesus), the nurse shark, the whip ray (Hypanus longus), the devil ray (Mobula japanica), the round ray (Urobatis pardalis), the stingray […]

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Landscape Botanica Gardening Service Garden Servicio de Jardeneria Uvita

Botanica Landscape Service: “Your Garden, Our Passion”

Brimming with plant life, the Ballena Coast of Costa Rica is where you come to restore and refresh. You’ll find it easy to get lost in the moment when surrounded by this much beauty. Your vision is a lush, full-bodied, colorful, tropical garden that is right outside your door. Your investment in landscaping requires a […]

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Out out of the blue cancion musica rock music song

“OUT OF THE BLUE” Sings your Favorite Song!

When Scott Stephens founded Liquid Blue in 1996, his first hire was guitarist Michael Vangerov, who had recently departed from Elektra recording artist Chain Reaction. What started as a four-piece San Diego bar band grew to a 12-member international touring act that eventually traveled to 120 countries, released sixteen albums (including a Billboard hit single), […]

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Vitamin C Megadosis Megadosis de Vitamina C cancer

Vitamin C Megadosis

The hypothesis of the use of vitamin C for cancer treatment arose for the first time in the 50s. This therapy with high doses of intravenous vitamin C, came to be revealed at the end of the 70s by distinguished doctors who began to study and use it. Scientists observed that the treatment with intravenous […]

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sanctuary santuario PLAYA TORTUGA

Sanctuary Playa Tortuga

It is perhaps the most emblematic beach of the southern communities of Costa Ballena. It has a most dramatic appearance due to the particular mouth of the Térraba, Tortuga and Balsa rivers in its frontal part, which form part of the great Terraba-Sierpe wetland. With its magnificent caverns, this beach evokes a strong feeling for […]

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Plaza Tangara: A Place to Enjoy in Ojochal

Ojochal is located 17 km South of Uvita. The small town is known for its great variety of international cuisine. It is idyllically located between green mountains and near to the ocean with extensive beaches. The new Plaza Tangara, which is situated at the entrance of Ojochal, was built with passion. It is a small […]

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Blue Cotinga Birdwatching Spicies, Avistamiento de especies de aves Cotinga

Birdwatching Cotingas Species: From White to Blue

Among the beautiful birds in Costa Rica, the cotingas deserve the name of South Pacific jewels. Their name derives from the term tupí-guaraní Catingá which was used to refer to the birds that by their colors shone in the forest. Cotingas belong to a family of birds of which Costa Rica has eight species, four […]

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envision festival experience testimonial culture experiencia cultura musica arte

Envision Experience: Four Unforgettable Days

Six months ago I left my home country, Germany, to discover Central America. My journey started in Costa Rica with an internship at the Ballena Tales Magazine where I worked for 3 months. After that I traveled to Guatemala, where I visited the ruins of the Mayas, took a ride in a colorful “chicken bus,” […]

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La Casa del Artista morales cultura culture art arte

Art and Culture: La casa del Artista

For me, art is the way to get to know oneself, by self observation to access a higher level of consciousness where being no longer occurs, nor is it carried from here to there by circumstances. It is a level of understanding where we realize that knowing is not the same as comprehending. The greatest […]

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