The Lookout Hotel

By Scott Dinsmore

The Lookout Hotel has been home away from home to many of the now staple residents of Ojochal. A place where people fell in love with each other and Ojochal. Marriage proposals, weddings, family reunions, couple’s escapes, the

Lookout has been a beacon of the south. Steve and Carol Lipworth have been great custodians of this gem. Recently, they have been joined by the team of the Dinsmore brothers, Scott and John, to bring Lookout forward. With a fresh look and a new restaurant named Salsa, it is time to revisit this legend.

Speaking of the public restaurant, let’s get spicy. Salsa will feature the cuisine from Mexico and Central America. From the delights of the Oaxacan moles, spices of Veracruz, and the favorites from Costa Rica, you should make this a regular stop. Patacones, flautas, tortilla soup, fresh fish, chopped salad, pulled pork tacos, and chicken with Pipián sauce. And, did we mention the Margarita menu? When was the last time you had a hot pepper margarita?

The freshness carries through to the rooms. There is nice, fresh, new artwork, and comfortable furniture. They have planned many events for the coming years, such as art classes, water aerobics, concerts, happy hours, live music, and fundraisers for the beloved Reserva Playa Tortuga.


We will see you at the Lookout! 

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