The Jaguar’s Jungle Lodge

"The most biologically intense place on earth.”

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The hostel in Corcovado Jaguar’s Jungle Lodge offers access only by boat, ideal for immersing oneself into an uninhabited jungle. The lodge is an affordable home base to explore the last remaining coastal jungle in the world and observe thriving wildlife and sea life.

1 km North of the San Pedrillo
Park Station

Phone: (506) 8959 4067


Experience the most remote hostel in Costa Rica.  The Jaguar Jungle borders the Corcovado National Park in the Osa Peninsula and is just outside of Drake’s Bay. It is only accessible by boat or hiking.  One of the planet’s most reclusive animals, the tapir resides there as well as many other types of rare and exotic bird, marine and wildlife. This private and secluded place offers comfortable lodging and a large variety of activities. 

Jungle Jaguar Corcovado Hostel
Fish Print Workshop

Fish Print Workshop

One of the most unique experiences that they offer is a workshop featuring the ancient Japanese art of Gyotaku imagery with a technique that uses block print ink, rice papers and acrylic and watercolor paints.  Each student will take home a fish print ready to mount. 


The accommodations include dormitories, private cabins and a loft.  The comfortable beds are equipped with mosquito netting. The entire lodge is operated with solar power and the water system is stream collected, filtered and disinfected with UV light.  All food and materials are grown onsite or brought in by boat.  The restaurant offers all 3 meals at a reasonable price and includes freshly grown produce and sustainably speared seafood.  A public kitchen provides a place for those who bring their own food.  All guests should be prepared for a rustic environment. 

Hostel in Corcovado Jaguar Jungle
Corcovado, Happy Is Healthy

The Perfect Surrounding

Once you´re settled in, take a guided tour or explore on your own in the place that National Geographic calls one of the most bio diverse places on the earth.  Hike some of the extensive trails with waterfalls, sea caves, beaches, lagoons all full of exotic flora and wildlife.  Sail to the nearby Cano Island which offers some of the best snorkeling and diving.  Watch the bats exiting their cavern at sunset.  Surf on the beach with world class surf breaks. Practice yoga in the ocean view studio.  Learn jungle survival skills or how to make coconut oil and the secrets of medicinal plants. Catch fish using traditional methods.  Walk to the Corcovado National Park nicknamed the “little Amazon.” 

Jaguar's Jungle Biological Reserve

In the Jaguar’s Jungle Biological Reserve, we capture ocelots, pumas, and jaguars on our camera traps every month!

Jaguar Jungle has a biological station that contributes to the national animal monitoring system.  Camera “traps” are used to monitor the population density of all of the reserve’s species.  Jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margay, jaguarondis and other wildcats are observed for behavioral studies.

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Your Dream Vacation is Here

After your visit to the beautiful sanctuary with its rainforest trees, unique activities, healthy and fresh food, restful rooms and friendly staff, you will take away unforgettable memories.

“This is a heavenly paradise on earth. We stayed in here June 2017 for 5 nights. The boat ride from Siepre is worth the ticket. We saw crocodiles on the river boat. Arriving at Jaguar’s Jungle we were greeted by the owner and many volunteers who helped us get our bags off the boat. ”

April P


– Emergency contact information
– Hiking boots
– Waterproof cases for electronics.
– Cash only!!
– Flashlights
– Bug repellent and sunscreen
– First aid kit with antihistamines

We would love to welcome you to our lodge in the breathtaking Corcovado National Park.

Sights and Sounds of Corcovado National Park

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