The Gift of Rain

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet” – Bob Marley


Photo by Christophe Gstalder

Living in the city, I unconsciously used to consider rain as an obstacle to executing my daily plans. But rain is essential, all life depends on it. It is primarily, a giver of life and health; it feeds the exuberant nature we all admire in Costa Ballena.

It nourishes the land and refreshes the day, and yet, realizing all the life and beauty the rain brings, we might still feel it as something we rather avoid. All of this makes me wonder, why do we stay away from the rain? Why is it that we run from it? Why do we stop doing things because of it?

In a place like Costa Ballena, you need to plan for rain in your life, so we might as well enjoy it, and embrace the idea that it is a divine gift from nature. I suggest we appreciate the life-enriching gifts, like the rain. Just as we are grateful for a sunny morning, we should be thankful for a rainy day too!

We are just at the beginning of the rainy season. To keep yourself connected with the surrounding nature, follow this simple advice: forget the umbrella and take some time to feel the rain, walk barefoot and enjoy how pleasant the rain feels falling on your body, use all your senses! Where on earth can you still do this?

Let your children play in the rain and encourage them to understand and believe that the rain is one of the most positive aspects of life. I am sure they will love the experience. Namaste!

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