Blake and Jerry from RECHERCHÉ - Talking About The Future of Osa

¿The Future of Osa?


AUTHOR: Dagmar Reinhard

Anyone living in the Southern Zone for over a few months has seen changes in Osa. Those of us who have been here for years have seen dramatic changes.

Like most things in life, every situation has pros and cons. Most of the changes that have occurred here in the past few years have been very positive. This is the opposite of most of the world, suffering through scarcity, totalitarian governments, loss of freedom, increased death rates, famine, and a plethora of other untold setbacks.

So, what does the future of the Southern Zone look like?

First, let us peek into the future by examining the two main changes that will almost certainly take place over the next several years.

1) Population Growth – There is no doubt that the Southern Zone has finally been discovered. The natural beauty of flora and fauna, the slower pace of life, the lower cost of living than most places in Costa Rica, and the authentic Pura Vida lifestyle have been a magnet for people from all over the world. They are coming and will continue to come. Your social calendar will most likely have significantly fewer blank spaces in the near future.

2) More people means more options. What options? Greater choices for restaurants, shopping, and opportunities. The Southern Zone boasts one of the most eco-friendly lifestyles in the world. This trend will increase and improve. Culture, with all its splendor and charm, will burgeon. All this results in better conveniences, an improved lifestyle, and a happier community.

Nothing could be a better example of these positive changes than the new high-end furniture and home goods store, called Recherché, that was recently built and opened on the Costanera, just a few minutes south of Ojochal. 

In a previous interview with the two owners, Blake Sawyer and Jerry Polansky, they mentioned the future of the Southern Zone and the changes they saw coming. "Savoir-faire" is the term they used for the social graces, charm, and new experiences they see in Osa's future.

Ballena Tales: "They said when they opened Recherché, it was only the beginning. I asked them, the beginning of "what"? Not knowing what to expect, here are just a few of the prospects they talked about.

For Recherché, it is not just about quality home furnishings. It is about your "opportunities" and your "experience." Something surprisingly impressive, memorable, and an experience that you feel you must share with others. Just "another" furniture store was NOT what Costa Ballena needed. An experience to remember was! Recherché´s vignettes give you, the customer, that exceptional personal and intimate example of creativity, ambiance, and "Savior-Faire" you want in your home.

Mr. Sawyer and Dr. Polansky stated that depending on the local response, Recherché was just the beginning. Plans are in the works for some fascinating events that they will sponsor, cater to, promote, or provide. Live music, art exhibits, book signings, meet-and-greet well-known personalities, fashion shows, culinary and wine events, festivals, health workshops from the world's leading experts on living in divine health, new stores, a café, and more.

I hope you have enjoyed your peek into the future of the Southern Zone.

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¿The Future of Osa? RECHERCHÉ

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