The Pancito Café in Ojochal

The delicious Pancito Café in Ojochal

Author: Dagmar Reinhard

Philippe and Mireille, owners of Pancito Cafe, are well known in Ojochal. Early in the morning, delicious aromas emanate from the place, the smell of fresh bread, croissants, and freshly brewed coffee. They serve breakfast and lunch on the large terrace overlooking the garden, covered with lush vegetation and the river just passing by.

The clients arrive, some from Ojochal, others from the surrounding towns - many of them good friends who share their news and enjoy delicious food. Pancito Cafe is famous and has become a popular meeting place. There, French, Spanish, and English are spoken.

The fame is well earned. Philippe learned the baker trade in the '70s with his father, who had a family business in Lorraine in the East of France. He studied at a trade school and later gave administration classes.

The Pancito Café in Ojochal

In 1985 he went to the United States, where he resumed his profession as a pastry chef and worked in kitchens in New York and Boston. When he returned to France, he married Mireille. They both opened their bakery in Montpellier (south of France) that they had for 20 years until they felt the urge to travel and live new adventures.

Costa Rica was the project. After several trips to this tropical country, they fell in love with Ojochal, where, in 2010, they opened the Pancito Café. Here Philippe bakes homemade bread and prepares delicious French pastries. Mireille's specialty is the confection of chocolate.

At lunchtime, neighbors and travelers come to satisfy their appetite with tarts, sandwiches, crepes, burritos, and crispy salads.

Pancito Café terrace lounge has WIFI where you will indeed feel very relaxed thanks to the good atmosphere, the friendly attention and above all, the exquisite food. Welcome to Pancito Café de Mireille and Philippe.


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