The Chirripo Valley

chirripo valley

by Luis Navarro 

From the imposing blue mountains and the crystal clear waters that surround them, the Chirripó Valley offers residents and visitors of the area an experience full of peace, tranquility, beautiful views and a direct connection with nature.

chirripo, waterfall

Just ten kilometers from the center of San Isidro, Pérez Zeledón, the Rivas district is geographically divided into three sectors: Buena Vista, Central and Chirripó sectors, the latter formed by the communities of San Gerardo, Canaán, Chimirol, Herradura, Los Angeles, Guadalupe, San Francisco, Talari, San José and Monterrey.

The area has been characterized as a route of handmade products, made by enterprising and struggling people, for this reason, that many different attractions for children and adults are offered.

Taking a walk through this place not only recharges you with good energy and happiness, but it is also a gift for the soul to appreciate such beautiful views. The diversity in attractions is fascinating. You can enjoy from the newly opened Butterfly Kingdom, fresh trout, hot springs, Swiss cheeses, chocolate factory, to delicious artisan bread. Restaurants offer unique cuisine, hotels, trails and birdwatching. Of course, without neglecting the main attraction of the area, the famous Chirripó Hill.

Chirripo, valley

With 3820 meters high, this is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Costa Rica. Flora and fauna embrace it every kilometer. It is a place to find oneself and demonstrate mental and physical strength. It is a constant challenge while taking step after step to reach the maximum height and an unbelievable experience. Words are not enough to describe so much beauty, and experimentation is the only way to explain it.

For this and many other reasons, the Chirripó Valley should be an almost obligatory visit for all Costa Ricans and foreigners who visit the country attracted by the biodiversity and tranquility of the mountains.




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