The Brunqueña Mountain Ridge - the perfect neighbor

playa con fila brunqueña

by Luis H. Galera 

The South Pacific coast is in itself an indisputable natural beauty, its marine landscapes, the abundance of forests and the diverse geographical landscapes make it one of the main tourist attractions in the unique Costa Rica. Being its beautiful beaches and exotic places are always the protagonists, in this occasion the Brunqueña Mountain Ridge shines, though very reserved and equable. It is called as well coastal row because of its proximity to the South Pacific coast. Its name comes from the indigenous Boruca or Brunca, first inhabitants that inhabited the lands of the South of the country.

Just look back, when you are in one of the almost pristine beaches of the South Pacific, to appreciate its prominent presence. This mountainous row extends parallel along the south coast, a barrier between the General Valley and the "Ballena Coast".

Fila Brunqueña

It is part of a secondary mountainous system, which means it is the oldest lands originated, formed by clastic marine deposits, with bauxite and limestone standing out. At the same time, it functions as a biological corridor between the coastal ecosystems, its mountains and the Talamanca mountain range, being spaces of great biological value and eco-systemic connectivity.


A change in the use of land and economic activity -tourism-, allowed a recovery of the forest cover that had diminished until the 60s, contributing with the conservation efforts of the natural resources of the area. Its extension covers the entire district of Bahía Ballena and a part of the district of Cortés in Osa, being for the inhabitants of these towns a slope of great visual value and inexpressible mysticism.

In the mornings the flyby of the birds, against the contrast of dark colors and the soft mist that surrounds it, generates a morning show that is repeated in the sunset, its hills and green-blue slopes adorned with exuberant tropical vegetation, responsible for every year dozens of foreigners choosing it as the perfect neighborhood to live together.


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