The Beginning of Winter in Costa Rica

The Beginning of Winter

By  Dr. Fernando Riera S.

Beginning of winter, costaballenalovers, puravida, ballenatales,We are at the beginning of winter, winter is the preferred season for a variety of animals, especially the amphibians (frogs and toads), and it is a very special time of the year because the vegetation turns more vibrant. However, it is the time when we must be more careful with our pets, keeping them away from the bufotoxins carried by the toads whose numbers increase during the first rains.

When the dog bites the toad, it stimulates the secretion of venom contained in the glands located in the back of the batrachians; as the venom gets in touch with the oral cavity, it is absorbed immediately, and the dog starts to show symptoms such as delirium, unconsciousness, muscular stiffness of the limbs, and severe arrhythmia (cardiotoxicity).

The dog’s owner must immediately wash the snout with soapy water to help minimize the fast absorption of the poison that may lead the pet to become unconscious, and take it as soon as possible to receive medical assistance.

Another threat during the rainy season is the increasing number of snakebites. Snakes often search for amphibiansBeginning of winter that are easy prey; in the process, they might encounter your pet. The symptoms of snakebite are localized pain, inflammation, and bleeding from the puncture wounds.

In the case of snakebite, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

Friends, let’s be aware and avoid any of the mentioned threats.

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