The Bees – a Beautiful Example

The Bees – a Beautiful Example 

AUTHOR: Sergio Montaña

In Costa Rica, we have over 50 species of bees. From the Apis melifera (an introduced species), to many others that have co-evolved with native plants. This co-evolution has led to flowers that are pollinated solely by a single species. 

The Bees – a Beautiful Example 7

There is magnificent diversity in size, shape, and color amongst these native bees. However, due to their ancestral use, we will highlight the Melipona beecheii, Melipona costariquensis and the Tetragonisca angustula, commonly called Jicote Gato, Jicote Barcino and Mariola, respectively. 

Bees are a wonderful example of teamwork, of service to the community, and of mutualism within ecosystems. They have developed, in an efficient and organized way, and are vital for pollination of flowers, including nearly 70% of human food. 

The bee crisis is a wake-up call for humanity. Due to factors such as deforestation, climate change, the use of agro chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and intensive management with artificial feeding and antibiotics, we are losing the bees!

Since we know the problems, now we must act with solutions! Let’s plant more meliferous plants, promote organic agriculture, and support sustainable apicultural producers. We, at Vida Auténtica, ​​support the municipal initiatives of Public Areas Free of Pesticides, organic producers and people who work with products of the bees. 

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Every Tuesday, at the Tinamastes Feria, you can find quality apiculture products: Yancy Chaves, who makes wax candles; Gabriela Zeledon, who offers creams and medicinal Mariola honey; Harold from Finca Ipe, who shares the honey from his hives. You can also contact Paloma and Sergio who can help with relocating wild hives and offer advice on natural beekeeping. 

Now is the time to broaden our awareness and honor our natural world and the bees which is synonymous with taking care of ourselves and future generations. We are all part of the ecosystem and, just as in a hive, the good of the whole community is more important than individual benefit.

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