Therapod and ceratopsid dinosaurs have been found!

a mere 15 kilometers south of Uvita, in Ojochal! So far, we can see a Tyrannosaurus rex (the therapod) and the head ofone of its prey species, a Triceratops (the ceratopsid).


But the “skeletons” weren’t excavated by paleontologists. The prehistoric dinosaurs are from the creative mind and hand of Marco Antonio Gonzalez, a sculptor, and artist from Guanacaste.
They can be found at the work-in-progress project known as Plaza Ventanas, on the Costanera Highway, near Ojochal.

The first dinosaur to be “unearthed” is a T– rex, which will be fi nished soon, along with the water and plants on which T-rex will be displayed. The Triceratops head is designed to rest atop the roof over the gas station. Senor Marco’s blueprints show that these fi rst two dinosaurs will soon be joined by a Raptor, a Pterodactyl, a complete Triceratops, plus the babies of both T-rex and Triceratops. Some of the fi fteen available retail spaces in the Plaza Ventanas project will be home to two restaurants, a gym, a barbershop, a spa, a property management company, and a bank, among other businesses.


Another long-term phase of the project will be an adjacent Aqua Park, featuring a 40-meter long Brontosaurus, which will spout water from its mouth!

For twenty years, Marco Antonio Gonzalez has been creating other large public art pieces – notably, a 16-meter high horse head rising from a pool in Jacó. The Canadian developer of Plaza Ventanas, had seen the horse head and other works by the talented artist. He wants him to create the prehistoric dinosaurs slowly emerging from rebar, metal mesh, concrete, and paint.

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