The Art in Painting

by William Morales Vargas (Art Teacher)

For more than thirty years I have been practicing the art of painting. I am an empirical and eclectic searcher of originality. I often wonder what makes an artwork authentic, original, and so different that on evaluating it, it will be recognized, and its price is different from another.

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Sometimes a customer brings me photographs or ideas, perhaps taken from the Internet. I work with the material, trying to create variants so that the result is seen as a new design.

painting, art, borucaAn original work must be planned and executed spontaneously in a mathematical form, without using external ideas or motives.

It always imposes the taste of the new, it is a work on itself, about the experience of a man and his struggle against false identification.

It is an enterprise that involves a special message that must be interpreted or perceived by anyone with such sensitivity that he will be attracted by it. So when visiting a shop or art gallery you should be open and ask yourself: Do I want an original artwork or just something to decorate a wall?

At the House of the Artist, Barú, we work either style because depending on the interest and possibilities we do not limit the opportunity of expressing your taste to convey a positive message. We take your views into account, and we are here to serve you. We offer local crafts, hammocks made in Cartago, original Boruca masks, handmade signs, and we have a lot of experience painting large-format murals. We also give advice to those seeking answers in the art of painting.

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