The akashic registry.

t is a five-part series, each one dedicated to one of the above mention themes.

My object in this series is to weave these words into a common denominator.

I want to show some of the significant forces that direct our destinies. In our unconcerned society, it is so easy to lead by predominantly focusing on access to food, sexual reproduction, and entertainment as the mayor drives of society.

In this one, I will concentrate on the most prominent and most straightforward to understand: the Matrix. As we move on to the next ‘words,’ each one becomes more complex and with broader ramifications until reaching the last one, an archetypal psychological virus type syndrome.

The Matrix refers to pre-established conditions. We know the word from a series of films that used this term to present its concept of domination through a psychological dream world that the machines created to enslave the human race.

A straightforward way to manage people is by social engineering through cybernetics and compatible technologies. One of the central systems, as well in politics, is marketing with its semiotic principles and subliminal messages. As some might perceive, it is a dilemma for our modern society.

We can investigate and registry to gain proper insight into the forces that govern our destinies. As long as our society is an affluent one, we are satisfied. Now that the principles in sustainability oblige us to control waste, new dilemmas become visible. We realize that our consumer behavior and, therefore, our economy are not compatible with the ecology of the planet.
We find ourselves at a very challenging crossroads, and it is ours to resolve it!

The next chapter will be about Maia and Plato’s “The Great Year.”

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