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Author: The GoFundMe Initiative

Pepe Lopez is a young man who cares deeply about his community. It is immediately apparent that his heart beats for Dominicalito's children and that he dedicates his entire life to creating a healthier and more favorable environment for them. He is passionate about his work and presents it with joy and pride. He seems tireless; it is hard to believe what he has already achieved and intends to do in teh future.

Pepe's ambitious project is an Education and Daycare Center. The institution is called Teslito – from Nikola TES-la (1856 – 1943, great futurist inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer) and Dominica-LITO.

"TESLITO" Kids Education Center project is taking action to create a clean, safe, and comfortable space for kids to have opportunities to learn through technology, education, music, and art that will reduce poverty, ignorance, social risk and increase the value of life through teaching, learning, and practice. This project aims to increase the life quality value for future generations so that they can learn to create income to support their family in the new era of technology. The plan will be implemented and executed within a determined timeline of eight weeks.

"TESLITO" Kids Education Center will allow kids from 5 to 18 years old to make better decisions and aspire for a better life. Overall safety, health, and education are the three principal pillars for the future of the families and kids of Dominicalito in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica. This eventual plan project will also serve as a template for other local communities.

Dominicalito Town is a small, relocated surf beach community in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica with a population of 350 people, of which 200 are Kids and Teenagers; the principal source of income is working in restaurants, cleaning services, fishing, entrepreneurship, and tourism.


This project will bring a different positive social approach to the Costa Ballena community, transforming young lives into skillful ne .entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, graphic designers, video editors, and programmers to evolve in this new modern world

Opportunistic loss in life direction is common in poor neighborhoods, especially for kids finishing primary school and entering high school, which is a vulnerable time.

The majority of loss of human integrity can be prevented on a personal level by being immersed in education, such as technology, art, and music. With the proper measures taken on the individual level, the loss of guidance for kids will stop. After starting a good educational process, all results will be positive.

We are renovating an abandoned structure with three rooms in the Heart of Dominicalito Town. When the project is finished, it will have all the amenities required to function in a safe and clean environment.

The first room will be transformed into a computer center with 25 computers, one bathroom, and a complete audiovisual system for kids' presentations.

The second room will be a multipurpose room for training, workshops, and meaningful community meetings, with one bathroom.


The third room will be a fully equipped daycare space, allowing working mothers to make income to support their families.

In addition, it will have a fully equipped kitchen room to provide the kids with food during the daycare stay. It will help to raise funds through cooking activities, and it will work to provide food to future community events.


Visit Dominicalito, and you will see that more support is needed; please donate to the GoFundMe initiative. 

Blessings Pepe, Pura Spicy Life!

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