The Terraba-Sierpe Mangroves, the Nurseries of the Sea

Texto: Jeane Brennan – Fotos: Philippe Chapuy

The mangrove forest and its massive maze and the intertwining of trees and roots is considered to be a critical component acting to subdue tidal surge, reduce erosion, provide opportunities for recreation and serve as nurseries for fisheries. These incredible plants with their gnarly roots have evolved to survive in spite of low oxygen content in salty water.

The unique ecosystem found in the intricate mesh of mangrove roots creates a healthy respite for organisms like algae, barnacles, shellfish, sponges, and mangrove crabs all of which begin their life in the mangrove forest.

mangroves with flowers

mangroves with flowers

The mangroves provide nourishment and protection to these fisheries and also a place to grow to a size that will enable them to compete with other sea creatures.

Not only is the mangrove forest conducive to the continuation and development of sea life, the Terraba – Sierpe Mangrove Forest attracts and is home to a multitude of birds, mammals and reptiles.

Birdwatchers, photographers, fisherman and those who catch and sell shellfish to restaurants embrace the opportunity to live, learn and love the mangrove forest.

the tour

the tour

Because of factors such as development, non-sustainable farming and lack of concern, the destruction of the mangrove forests worldwide is becoming an ecological problem with an economic impact.

However, in Sierpe, many business and eco tour companies offer opportunities to explore the now protected Terraba- Sierpe Mangrove Forest. Knowledgeable tour guides and captains, daily, take visitors from all over the world into this mangrove forest. Sierpe is a simple tranquil Costa Rican village. A benefit in participating in a mangrove forest tour is leaving the charming Sierpe riverfront on an eco-tour boat and then enjoying a most beautiful ride down the Sierpe River

Costa Rica is indeed a land of enchantment.

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