Taking Refuge in the Tranquil Costa Ballena

Taking Refuge in the Tranquil Costa Ballena

AUTHOR: KEVIN CHAMPAGNE, Osa Tropical Properties

Many changes are taking place in our world today. Those of us who have the drive to make the most of our lives are thinking about where and how we want to spend our hard-earned time. Though borders are temporarily highly restricted to tourism in Costa Rica, our office has received many calls and emails from people who want to prepare to move here as soon as they are free to travel.

Each day, we field calls from people worldwide, wondering if they can make their lives work for them in South Pacific Costa Rica. Questions come up like: Is the internet fast enough? Where can families send their kids to school? How do investors go about using an IRA to purchase? We cover these topics and many more with those who want to take a chance and try something new, somewhere that few people have yet to find and is full of vibrant life. The answers we offer can mean the difference between them making the decision of a lifetime or not.

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Our tranquil yet robust Costa Ballena communities cover the many essentials needed for everyday life. Anything you want to accomplish can be done in an environment that will have you feeling energized and enthralled. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to have exciting experiences amid the wonders of nature. Wellness is a prominent part of our daily lives, whether it be bathing in natural mineral waters, scrubbing down with locally sourced blue clay, or eating organic chocolate grown and made in our neighborhood. Life in the South Pacific is naturally infused with delightful scents and sensations.

Most people who come to Costa Rica flock to the developed coastal regions on the North Pacific coast. But those who venture south never look back on those barren lands that pale compared to the verdant green and wild landscape of our coastal mountains. Although this region is named for the iconic marine life that visits annually, this land’s most notable distinguishing feature is the pristine and rugged environment that draws us in as though we have finally come home. Colorful life greets us at every twist and turn of our dirt road communities, which are also home to humans’ diverse population. Techies, artisans, and retirees alike, among many others, have chosen to make this amazing place their home, and we are proud to welcome them, knowing that each new addition only adds to the flavor of this heavenly space.

Those who want to change what people here have grown to love — the slow, tranquil pace and the favoring of nature — will find an immense pushback from a population who do not want to see progress at the cost of paradise. Instead, we prefer to tend to our garden with a gentle hand, leaving room for nature to take its course. We’re just here, going along for the wild and enjoyable ride.

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Steve's Supermarket

Steve’s Supermarket

Steve´s Supermarket & Delicatessen, this beautiful and nicely presented convenience store will cover all your needs. All in one, there is an exquisite Deli department and a well-equipped supermarket.

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Fundación SOMOS


In 2019, SOMOS Foundation was founded by a group of local leaders to help formalize this sense of community responsibility. By connecting the dots between local needs, skills, and talents and various forms of regional, national, and international support, SOMOS has been able to help mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic.

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Beehive Restaurant

The Beehive Restaurant

Owner of Beehive Restaurant Michael Allen created a little paradise for his friends and customers. Locals love the place, amidst tropical vegetation with palm trees, bougainvilleas, and well-manicured landscaping.

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And love passes through the stomach

“And love passes through the stomach”!

This quote, perhaps the initial one, can be found in a 1928 etiquette book “The Completed Adam”. It was written by tennis player, writer, and author Paula von Reznicek and her husband. In it, they mention: “And love passes through the stomach”! Wherever the quote comes from, we agree that love for Costa Rica runs through the stomach!

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