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Photos by Mario Fernandez Punto Surf

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By Cheme
In recent years, national surfing has been booming, especially because in 2014 our local surfers have placed our country Costa Rica  at a high-level in the international ranking.
Surfers from all over Costa Rica, and in particular, Noe Mar and Leilani McGonagle, brother and sister from Pavones, represented Costa Rica in several competitions worldwide with the support of their father.

In December 2014, Leilani won a copper medal becoming number four in the female open category of the ISA (International Surfing Association) China cup in Hainan. To continue the family success, her brother Noah Mar was able to get into the quarterfinal at the World Junior ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals).
Their hometown Pavones, located in the beautiful South Pacific, has exquisite and highly graded waves. The Chamber of Tourism Osa (CATUOSA) is promoting surfing and other related activities.

Noe MarMcGonagle crédito MARIO FERNANDEZ #SURF #puravida #costaballenlovers #osa

Photos by Mario Fernandez Punto Surf

Upcoming events:

V Extreme Festival Pavones 2015

March 6, 7, 8, There will be a large variety of disciplines such as Surf, SUP, Kitesurfig, and Skate.

II Playa Hermosa Surf Tournament 2015.

April – dates to be determined.
The event will be held in Playa Hermosa de Osa, and it is for the benefit of the Costa Ballena lifeguards.
Let’s enjoy sports.

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