Surf Dominical – The Good Life – All in a Few Hundred Meters

La buena vida en Dominical Todo al alcance de unos pocos metros | Dominical - The Good Life - All in a Few Hundred Meters

Throughout my travels I’ve searched for locations capable of providing the best in day to day life-style. A good quality of living for me includes environmental cleanliness, social interaction, access to leisure activities and health & safety. When you can find all of this is a close proximity, or better yet, within a few hundred meters, your daily life becomes easier and more enjoyable. Dominical has theses essential components of well living. For example, the surf is a cool activity. I recommend it.

The action in Dominical has always been focused around the beach. Typical of surf towns, the beach is the focal point and all commercial business line the access roads. As a result the town is more clustered allowing for easy access with a variety of options from dining, shopping, socializing and wellness without the need for transportation. What makes Dominical unique from other surf towns are the lush jungle covered mountains split by clean, cool rivers that encompass the area. The frequent rains replenish our water sources, the jungle continuously pumps out fresh oxygen and a bountiful supply of fresh produce that floods the local farmer’s market each week. Within a short walk you can cool off in a couple nearby swimming holes, find some shade in the jungle, or spend your day on the beach. Surfing, kayaking, fishing, soccer, yoga, fitness groups and other versions of recreation are all at your fingertips. The ocean is warm, the rivers cool, and life on a tropical beach can’t get much better.

There are very few tropical destinations in the world with waves as consistent as Playa Dominical. With a healthy environment to back it, a good community and all the amenities you need within a short walk, Dominical will continue to showcase as a surf destination with a high quality of living.

By Trevor Brown

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