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Costa Ballena offers you the best surfing conditions: Sunshine almost every day, big waves and a laid-back atmosphere and lifestyle. Especially Dominical has developed to a real surfers' paradise - visit us and immerse yourself into Pura Vida!

For first time surfers, Punta Uvita/Playa Chaman has great waves to help you learn and get up on the board for the first time. For intermediate surfers, Playa Hermosa has great waves and for the more advanced surfer, Punta Achiote and Playa Dominical provide consistent waves and are locals’ favorite surf spots.

Dominical is the gateway and the first beach of Costa Ballena.  It has a relaxed atmosphere, and it is well known in the surfing world, a real surfer’s paradise.  If you are new to the sport, there are schools that give classes for enthusiasts.

Welcome to Surf in the South Pacific

Leilani credito Mario Fernández R. Punto #Surf #osa #hermosa #puravida #costaballenalovers

Photos by Mario Fernandez Punto Surf

Pacífico Sur-F

By Cheme
In recent years, national surfing has been booming, especially because in 2014 our local surfers have placed our country Costa Rica  at a high-level in the international ranking.
Surfers from all over Costa Rica, and in particular, Noe Mar and Leilani McGonagle, brother and sister from Pavones, represented Costa Rica in several competitions worldwide with the support of their father.

In December 2014, Leilani won a copper medal becoming number four in the female open category of the ISA (International Surfing Association) China cup in Hainan. To continue the family success, her brother Noah Mar was able to get into the quarterfinal at the World Junior ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals).
Their hometown Pavones, located in the beautiful South Pacific, has exquisite and highly graded waves. The Chamber of Tourism Osa (CATUOSA) is promoting surfing and other related activities.

Noe MarMcGonagle crédito MARIO FERNANDEZ #SURF #puravida #costaballenlovers #osa

Photos by Mario Fernandez Punto Surf

Upcoming events:

V Extreme Festival Pavones 2015

March 6, 7, 8, There will be a large variety of disciplines such as Surf, SUP, Kitesurfig, and Skate.

II Playa Hermosa Surf Tournament 2015.

April – dates to be determined.
The event will be held in Playa Hermosa de Osa, and it is for the benefit of the Costa Ballena lifeguards.
Let’s enjoy sports.

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Surfing is not a fad; it’s a lifestyle.

surf dominical ballenatales surfer gerace waves  El surf no es una moda, es un estilo de vida.

Jordy Mendez

By Cheme
Photos by Paul Gerace

In April, Jordy Méndez Marín won second place in the Junior category at the Playa HermOSA Surf Contest.
thumbs surf dominical ballenatales surfer gerace  El surf no es una moda, es un estilo de vida. During the first heat, he was not very lucky because the wave he was waiting for never showed up; however, in the second heat, he was able to ride six waves; out of them, his best was a threepoint wave which placed him in second place. During the finals, Jordy did his best even though the waves were big and the currents became increasingly difficult. He conquered seven waves; his highest score was 4.5.
We talked to Jordy about his personal life and future goals. Jordy is from Dominical, he is 17 years old, started surfing four years ago, and he says he loves seafood.
His favorite wave is at Roca Bruja and he said the best waves here at Punta Dominical are the ones offshore. His style is pacific, and his position is regular. The size of Jordy’s board is 5’8”. He trains three times a week and surfs every day. Jordy’s favorite maneuver is the “backside air 360,” and his favorite surfer is Jordy Smith from South Africa.
thumbs surf dominical ballenatales surfer gerace waves chema  El surf no es una moda, es un estilo de vida. When we asked him about his goal, he answered that he wants to compete internationally at the ALAS Tour, where all the best are.
We congratulate Jordy for his achievement and encourage him to continue moving forward with his goals.
Thanks Jordy, we’ll see you in the water! Surfing is not a fad; it’s a lifestyle.

INFO:Paul Gerace (Photographer)

All We Want to Do Is Surf

#surf #dominical #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #photographer

By Dagmar Reinhard

Lois Solano Zuñiga is a Surf photographer. We talked to Lois during the recent Surftech Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Circuit at Bahía Ballena. Before becoming a photographer, Lois used to work in an office in San José. She used to spend her free time writing blogs and taking photos of everything happening before her lens.
When Lois met Fabián Sánchez, a well-known surf photographer who loves the beach and the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle, she realized that there are many other ways of making a living. She decided to say goodbye to the big city and started the independent lifestyle that allowed her to visit the most beautiful places in Costa Rica; it is how Lois became an excellent surf photographer.
Two years ago, Lois and Fabián launched their first edition of Surfing Nation Magazine, a surf lifestyle magazine.
Lois travels from competition to competition. Sometimes, she can spend the night in a five-star hotel, while other times, all she needs to rest is a hammock by the beach. When there is a car available, it becomes her primary transportation, otherwise she travels by bus. “What’s important is to get there,” she said. Even though she keeps a professional agenda, she never knows what tomorrow will bring.
Her priorities have changed in recent years and now she is in search of interesting stories. She loves adventure and the simple life that makes her feel very happy. “I’ve got the best job in the world,”she added.
To Lois, Bahía Ballena is one of the most beautiful places in the southern Pacific; she is pleased to encounter such a well-organized community. She is committed to spend as much time as possible here in Bahía.

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