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Costa Ballena offers you the best surfing conditions: Sunshine almost every day, big waves and a laid-back atmosphere and lifestyle. Especially Dominical has developed to a real surfers' paradise - visit us and immerse yourself into Pura Vida!

For first time surfers, Punta Uvita/Playa Chaman has great waves to help you learn and get up on the board for the first time. For intermediate surfers, Playa Hermosa has great waves and for the more advanced surfer, Punta Achiote and Playa Dominical provide consistent waves and are locals’ favorite surf spots.

Dominical is the gateway and the first beach of Costa Ballena.  It has a relaxed atmosphere, and it is well known in the surfing world, a real surfer’s paradise.  If you are new to the sport, there are schools that give classes for enthusiasts.

Surfing with the Big Fish

thumbs_dolphin11a-Copyby Trevor Brown

In Costa Rica, animals surround us during almost every activity we do. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes they’re hidden. Surfing is not different. You may not see them, but I assure you; they are there. In Costa Ballena, you may encounter a wide variety of animals while you are surfing. Some can be dangerous, but most are not. Just as on land, you should also be conscious of what animals are around you in the water.

Animals you will commonly encounter while surfing include pelicans and multiple types of fish. In Dominical, you may see the dorsal fish of snooks (robalo) as they patrol the shallow waters hunting for smaller fish. You will know there are big fish near you when schools of small fish start jumping. Not as frequent, but surely passing through from time to time are pods of dolphins.··surf, dominical, delfin, dolphins,

There are very few animals that you need to be worried about in the water. For example, in the shallow waters, you will commonly find rays. If you were to step on a ray, its tail will likely sting you. To avoid this, simply shuffl your feet in the sand as you walk. The rays will see the cloud of sand and move away. If you do happen to get stung by a ray, pour hot water on the wound to soothe the pain. The pain will be strong at fist, but will fade in time similar to that of a bee or scorpion sting.

In a country as bio-diverse as Costa Rica, we must learn to coexist with the animals. Being conscious of what animals are around you, and their habits, will keep both, you and them safe.

Info: Trevor Brown – Costa Rica Surf Realty

A Surfers Paradise

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A Surfers Paradise

   By Trevor Brown 

     I have been fortunate to have surfed in many places along the Pacific Coast. From North America, through all of Central America and into a couple of zones in South America, I’ve experienced lots of different surf cultures and conditions.

     On a recent trip in South America, I was again reminded how lucky we are to be surfers on the Ballena Coast. The lack of crowds, friendly locals, and clean tropical waters, make our coast a surfer’s paradise.

    There are very few places on the Pacific Coast and on earth, where the water is warm enough to comfortably surf in nothing but board shorts. The water temperature is perfect in Costa Ballena. You are never too hot nor too cold.

     The ocean water is also very clean in comparison to many areas in the world affected by pollution/contamination from nearby cities. There is no need to worry about getting infections or becoming sick from pollution here.

    Also, crowds are usually not an issue in Costa Ballena. With multiple surf breaks to choose from, you can always find some empty waves. If there are a lot of surfers in the water, as long as you are respectful, there shouldn’t be any problems. Locals in the area are friendly, and harsh localism and bad vibes are not commonplace.

     Next time you are surfing, take a moment to enjoy your surroundings. You are surfing in a clean, tropical paradise rimmed by coconut trees and a friendly “pura vida” vibe.   

     Life is good!

Surfers Paradise, Costa Ballena, Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica

A Paradise for Whales and Surfing

A Whales’ Paradise and Surfing

Paraiso de Surf, Whales & Dolphins Watching

by Cheme

Costa Ballena in the South Pacific of Costa Rica has become one of the favorite areas for domestic and foreign tourists, thanks to whales watching and our charming beaches.

Playa Colonia was acknowledged as one of the best beaches to learn surfing.

Thanks to the unconditional support of the Federation of Surf of Costa Rica, the Chambers of Tourism, and the media, we are creating the new "Whales and Surf" paradise. Let's support the local surf and help tourists with information about our beaches.

We have the potential; we have surfing!

In December 2014, the Central American Surfing Games took place in El Salvador. Our friend Diego Chévez represented our country and our beautiful Costa Ballena. Diego gave his best in the water, but his participation got complicated. His paddle broke 500 meters from the starting point; however, he continued the race without worrying about finishing last; unfortunately, his second paddle also broke, nevertheless; his characteristic positive attitude helped him finish the race.

When he arrived at the beach, his teammates applauded and took him to the finish line on their shoulders.

All delegations from neighboring countries also cheered his commitment of not giving up. We are very grateful to Diego for his great contribution to our community and for giving us such a terrific lesson. The Osa Chamber of Tourism acknowledged the young sportsman’s achievement.


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